How To Fix Xiaomi Mi3 Irregular Battery Drain?

Xiaomi Mi3 is a superfast phone by all means. Even in battery life. Its battery drains much faster than the other phones. Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain is the greatest flaw of this otherwise high end phone. Frequent gamers get really irritated when they see the low battery sign just after they have started playing. Housewives who talk for long hours in the mobile, teenagers using apps to chat continuously and men hearing music for hours all face this problem in Xiaomi Mi3. And the worst part is you need not to use the phone hours for the battery to drain. Just use it continuously for 20 minutes and you will see half the battery power is gone. Just place the fully charged phone beside the bed at night and half the battery is gone by the time you wake up in the morning without using it.

There are various reasons for Xiaomi Mi3 battery drain issue. To mention a few we can say

  • Keeping the internet turned on in the phone
  • Leaving the apps unclosed
  • Using the GPS facility
  • Keeping 3G or Bluetooth facility on
  • Using the phone for too many preplanning activities.

There are easy fixes to solve Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain problem and increase the battery life of this feature packed phone.

Irregular battery drain is a common issue for most of the Xiaomi smartphones and the solutions are discussed in our other post.

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Ways to fix Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain

  • Always keep the GPS facility turned off when it is not necessary. Also ensure Google Maps app is closed.

    Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain

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  • Make sure the “Scanning Always Available” facility is also switched off. This facility will be on even if GPS is off. It is used to adjust time and support temperature apps pertaining to the area the phone is.
  • Switch off mobile data when internet is not used. Make sure you download the videos from sites like YouTube and watch them offline without the internet connection.
  • Switch off 3G when the internet is not in use. Some games will automatically use this feature to load fast.
  • Switch off Bluetooth whenever there is no file transfer. Most people fail to do this.
  • Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain can be controlled by closing the apps then and there after using them. Keeping too many open apps in the phone will consume more power. Click on the home button for a minute and a cleaner brush icon with the list of open apps will appear. Click on the brush to close them.

    Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain

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  • Xiaomi Mi3 has 3050 mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU. The hardware is fit for high end gaming. But, playing games continuously will make the phone use the processor extensively leading to faster battery drainage. Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain while gaming can be controlled by reducing the brightness of the display by 50%. This will help the battery to last longer. Due to the high resolution of the phone, the games will still appear wonderful to play. No dull appearance will hinder the prolonged gaming fun.
  • Overnight battery drainage can be caused due to excess assignment of future activities like alarms, reminders, calendars and email notifications. Some people enable all alerts as they want to check the schedule, new emails, see the important remainders everything together when they get up. Ensure the screen brightness is reduced at night and only two notifications, for example alarm and email notification or any other two are set. This will prevent the phone from being active the whole night, saving the battery life substantially.
  • Change the battery to the “Battery Saver” mode to prevent battery draining. Xiaomi Mi3 irregular battery drain issue can be solved by installing an app to manage battery usage like DS Battery Saver. These apps are specifically designed to make the phone run using minimum battery. They are quite aggressive and prevent you from using several features. They will keep warning you the activity you are engaging in will reduce battery life. But, they are quite helpful in reducing battery drain problem.

Xiaomi Mi3 is a great phone when it comes to features. It comes in half the rate of the branded mobile phones which have similar features. If you are ready to compensate on small comforts and use it carefully the battery life in the phone will be equivalent to other phones.