How To Fix “Unfortunately, Contacts Has Stopped Working” On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Even though Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great smartphone, we cannot say it’s perfect because users have been reporting all kinds of issues, from Wi-Fi problems, GPS issues, and the Facebook app that keeps on freezing. An error message “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is another problem we can put on the list of issues many users experienced.  Usually, this error message shows up when you try to make some changes in Contacts apps, change someone’s contact information or add a new contact. Sometimes, the message appears the second you tap on the app. Let’s see how you can fix this.

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Ways to fix “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” on Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Clear the cache for Contacts

The best place to start solving this annoying problem is to clear the cache for Contacts. Here is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Application manager > All
  • Now, find the Contacts app, tap on it and then click on Clear cache (do not clear Data)
  • Once you are done, restart your device and try using Contacts app again.


Uncheck “Keep contacts up to date” in Google+ app

Perhaps this will fix the issue:

  • Open Google+ app and check in
  • Open the Settings menu and click on your name
  • Now tap on Contacts
  • Uncheck “Keep contacts up to date” option


Disable Google+ app

Many people reported the error message “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working” on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 disappeared once they disabled Google+ app. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All, find Google+ app and tap on it. Click on Disable. In case you are frequently using this app and don’t want to disable it, clear the cache or try uninstalling the updates: Settings > Application Manager > All > Google+ and tap on Clear Cache or Uninstall updates.

Factory reset

You tried all the solutions mentioned above but still have the same problem? The only thing left for you to try in order to solve the issue is to perform a factory reset, but before you do so back up your files. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Erase Everything.


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