How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Overheating Issues

Overheating is an issue that affects most devices and Samsung Galaxy S8 is not immune to this problem. The phone is one of the most powerful models to date and it is understood that it can be overheated. If your Samsung Galaxy S8 getting hot do not panic. Overheating on Samsung Galaxy S8 can be as a result of prolong use. You can avoid this by practicing simple principles such refraining from using your phone while it is charging. This article will look at how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 overheating.

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Guide: How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 overheating issues?

Avoid direct heat

Avoiding direct heat can fix Samsung S8 overheating issues. If your device is exposed to natural or artificial light for too long then it can very hot. This is a simple solution that you should bear in mind whenever you use your device. Find a cool place to store your device.


Don’t use the phone while it is charging

We know that the Samsung S8 is a great phone but try to give the phone a break especially when you are charging it. If you are addicted to your mobile device this can be very difficult. Try to do something that you love when you put your phone to charge. You will forget about it eventually. In addition to this, don’t overcharge your phone. The battery should take approximately 1 and a half hour to be completely charged.


Remove phone case

If you are experiencing overheating with your Samsung Galaxy S8 then remove the phone case. This is a simple diagnosis which will help to cool your phone and reduce overheating.


Close running Apps

Another solution is to close applications that are open. If you are not using open applications then close it. Try not to overwork your device. You can also perform a soft reset to close open applications running in the background.

  1. Press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge of the device).
  2. Tap Restart.
  3. Tap Restart again to confirm. If the device is unresponsive/frozen, press and hold the Power button for approximately 10 seconds or until the device power cycles.


Reduce brightness

You can dim display on Samsung S8 to reduce overheating. Please follow the steps below to reduce brightness.

  1. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up or down to display all apps
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Display
  4. Adjust the Brightness level by using the slider control at the top of the screen
  5. To adjust automatically, tap Auto adjust brightness
fix Samsung Galaxy S8 overheating

Optimize battery settings

Samsung S8 overheating can be reduced by optimizing the battery settings. This will prevents apps from leeching on the phone’s battery. Overheating tends to take place when your phone is overworked.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Tap on Battery Usage and then tap on More
  4. Search for Optimize Battery Usage and tap on it
  5. You will get the list of apps on your phone
  6. Tap on All Apps and make sure that it is switched On for all the apps on your phone


Update software

Samsung is aware of the Wi-Fi issue that users are facing. It was announced that a software update will debug and resolve the issue users are facing. This will be available in Korea. If you have issues try to update your device.

  1. From your home screen navigate to Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap About phone
  3. Search for the software update or System update at the top.
  4. Tap on it.
  5. Your device should be updated


Toggle Fast cable charging

Fast cable charging helps your device to charge efficiently. The device is turned off when you charge the battery. The fast cable charging may not be working so you can toggle it and the problem should be resolved.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for Battery settings
  3. Click on battery
  4. Search for fast cable charging and switch it Off.
  5. Wait for five seconds and switch it On.


Uninstall third party app

Removing third-party applications may be contributing to Samsung S8 overheating. If you have recently installed any application prior to this problem then uninstall the app.

    1. Go to menu
    2. Select Setting
    3. Tap on More
    4. Click on Application Manager
    5. Select Downloaded section
    6. Then select the app and tap uninstall


Perform a factory reset

If the previous solutions don’t work then you need to do a factory reset. This should be your last resort. Ensure that you back up important data because they can be lost after a factory data reset.

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power“
  3. Keep holding the buttons until you see the Recovery screen
  4. Using the volume button, tap “Wipe data/factory reset“
  5. Press the “Power” button to select the highlighted option.


Wrapping up

The solutions above should help to reduce overheating on the Samsung S8. If not please comment below and we will help you.



  1. Hello , i did everything that was recommended including facdory reset and nothing changed , my galaxy s8 still heats up a lot , sometimes it goes 42°.
    Please help me to find a solution because i just bought this phone recently and i don’t want to ruin it.

  2. Hola, hoy por la tarde sumergi mi s8 plus al agua, todo perfecto, el pasar los minutos y horas, note el sobrecalentamiento y mi pantalla no funciona de la manera adecuada, necesito ayuda

  3. My phone just switched off during the night and it was very hot. Now the phone does not turn on at all. What would be the reason for that?

  4. I have an s8, never under direct heat, have previously used while charging but not now, having outside case cools down sometimes, have previously had tabs open which thought could be contributing but try to keep at minimum now, software up to date, brightness already reduced including blue light filter, optimisation done, no third party apps installed, have previously used off brand charger now not, have sent back to Samsung via my phone provider Vodafone New Zealand, who advised nothing wrong with it…it regularly overheats when I’m playing a simple game for roughly 10 minutes, overheats while charging, overheats while on Pinterest, overheats while on Facebook, overheats while reading emails, overheats while taking calls, I am a little frustrated – can you help at all?

  5. My s8 gets very hot when im using mobile data but its fine when i use wifi makes no sense. I sent it away to be fixed and got it sent back with just a softwear update. Complete joke of a phone

  6. my s8 plus has overheated and stopped. when plugged in it has a circle with a charging sign in the middle of it. i cannot turn it off. i have left it to go cold, but it is unresponsive.

  7. This is so ridiculous how many steps do we have to go through To cool our very own phone down there should be one button to press to cool down a phone my gets awfully hot and all the other abs a Saint O we have a cooling system well guess what it does not work. I’m never had this problem before until now.

  8. I have always like Samsung phones but I did leave them and went with LG V10 it over heated , did a reboot so I went back to Samsung and now my S8+ is over heating.
    LG had a class action lawsuit over this reboot since they knowingly used the same software.
    Is that the same issue with the Samsung Galaxy phones. I have only had this phone since October and the battery is horrible and the over heating is ridiculous.

  9. samsung really start to have useless phone which is always hot battery drain so fast really last time to have this …

  10. I’ve taken the same approach as instructed by your website, still nothing has been resolved it is still overheating by simply doing normal daily task on my phone listening to music causes it to over heat.

  11. Just experienced my first Samsung8+ overheating issue. I was caught off guard as I was not expecting it at all. I was taking a picture at one end of a building walked about 200 feet to the other corner brought my phone up to take a picture from the other corner and the screen would not come up and the phone was almost too hot to hold. took it to my truck and hold it over the a/c duct for 10+minutes before my screen came back on but in a very dim mode. had to go to settings and adjust the brightness from practically zero to about 80%. it too k another 10 minutes for all my icons to reappear also. not sure what caused this as this has never happened before. I had my phone now for 10 months with no issues prior to this at all. anyone else seen this before?

  12. I play pubg on HD graphics , is this the reason for overheating that i can not use my phone in that state or what….

  13. Had an s6edge,a few months ago updated to s8. It was all good but recently (about 2 weeks ago) it started to o wreath,didn’t matter what I was doing on it,opened apps/closed apps,uninstalled apps,charging/not charging,battery saver mode (mid),factory reset just yesterday, nothing worked,i have to be around when my phone is on charger and take phone off the charger before it stops due to overheating…
    I was thinking about calling O2 or Samsung for help and get a replacement phone (since I pay insurance they should give me another one) but after reading the comments here I dunno if it would worth my time but still dunno what to do… I love Samsung,having this issue is too bad

  14. I drive for UBER and LYFT and the overheating issue which causes the apps to shut down is a disaster when driving a passenger. The only fix I have not tried is removing the protective case. Has anyone ever tried affixing an aluminum plate to the back of the phone to act as a heat sink? I need the phone not to shut off as it causes a loss of money from driving. Help!

  15. I have always loved a Samsung phone but this s8 am so disappointed with the battery and overheating phone burns my hand when I try to hold it,so disappointing..always thought of the beauty of the s9 but am certain they would have same issues….samsung is not for Nigerians,dont buy…i spent 120000 naira to repair my screen,now it feel because it was overheating again….I say noooo to Samsung….

  16. My first Samsung galaxy S8 worked great and stayed relatively cool until I dropped it and someone ran over side of it before I was able to retrieve it. It would charge a little warm and not charge at all if environment was above 100 degrees. Now the replacement I got has similar issues people are talking about with heat, gets hot doing about anything on it for more than 5 minutes.

  17. Very disappointed. Thought I would give Samsung another chance and guess what. They failed me again. I have an S8+ that after making a voice call for less than 3 minutes overheats and starts to shut down to cool down. What a joke. This is not an issue of charging, placing in the sun etc etc. This IS a SAMSUNG issue. The after sales of this phone is crap. To be told it is NORMAL… WTF… It is NOT normal!!!!!!!

    1. I have same issue with ny gear s3, it cannot charge under a normal room temperature, you need to have it charged in an airconditioned room only. When I talked with the service center guys they told me it is normal. I was surprised how could they say this.

  18. Is Samsung ever going to fix their battery overheating issues? I almost didn’t buy a Samsung this time, because of my frustration with battery overheating on my Galaxy Alpha. Salesperson said no worries about this with the S8 Active. Had the phone 2 weeks and here’s the battery overheating again. Won’t charge and overheats. Nothing on this list does anything. It is a bunch of busywork to pretend this isn’t a Samsung issue.

    It’s a Samsung issue.

  19. Have only had the S8 Plus for 3 days. It seems to get hottest over night. When I wake in the morning it’s very, very warm and the charge has depleted significantly. Have very little software on it and close as many apps as possible before going to sleep. Factory reset does nothing. Will try putting maximum power saving (vs the middle setting) on in settings and turning off the always on screen to see if it helps. Live in a warm climate also. This is my 3rd Samsung galaxy and the only one that has this over heating issue.

  20. I have had three HTC phones die from overheating related issues. I’ve switched to Samsung S8 due to the efficient processor and low running temperature, and have been using it outdoors on 36 degree days with great success taking and watching videos. Sorry to hear that others are having issues, but based on it working much better than my previous HTCs I’m thinking that this is not something where EVERY s8 phone is suffering from overheating. I think the bottom line is that you may have a hardware issue specific to your batter/device, and also from my experience … always make sure that any electronic device, if used out in direct sun or hot cars, is well ventilated! In fact, avoid using it entirely in direct sunlight where possible. There are also apps which can display temperature warnings if this helps to remind you too. good luck, fellow s8 users! 🙂

  21. This phone is garbage, I have to put mine in my freezer in order to cool it down enough to charge it.
    It gets so hot that you can’t even talk on it or hold it, I called bell they said call samsung I call samsung they said factory reset that does nothing in fact I think it made it worse, and now because I cracked it they want $500 to fix the screen before they will even think about looking at it. I started calling them about this 2 weeks after I got the phone and no one would help me, last samsung phone I ever buy

    1. You screen may have cracked due to overheating. I had this problem with a HTC, it cracked and I assumed it was from me knocking it, but after telling them that I ‘dropped’ it (when in fact only knocked it) they said they would not repair due to a known heating issue cracking the screen like they did for others for free, as I had already said that I dropped it.

    2. i am facing the same problem and samsung service center is telling its a normal. the service center has rejected to accept the phone because their stupid diagnose process tells them there is nothing wrong with the phone.

      was they able to fix your phone.

  22. So mine has been doing this for like 2 weeks. I took it to Verizon. They said to call Samsung. I did. They said factory reset. I did. It’s doing this to me so often that I literally put it on an ice pack. I really think this is a manufacturer defect. I never take it in to extreme heat. I close apps. Don’t use while charging. It’s junk

  23. My Samsung S8 device is getting overheated every time I am going in the sun and if my car temperature goes above 35 degree centigrade it is unfortunate that Samsung has come up with this Hitech device with such a poor performance especially in hot countries like Dubai and so on it becomes extremely difficult to carry this phone and to use it in hot environment and I definitely would not recommend it to anyone who would like to buy it if you do not have a very good air conditioning system in your car for countries like India Dubai Saudi Arabia and other middle Eastern country where the temperature goes above 35 degrees centigrade. I have had several occasions where the phone just went off, and the battery drained off in minutes where it should have taken hours to drain in hot weather. I have seen this happening all the time and I feel unfortunate that I have bought this phone with such a poor performance.

  24. My phone became hot while holding it using a map feature for directions causing me to lose grip and it slid right outta my hand 1 week after purchasing . I’m so upset. I paid full price as a birthday gift to myself. Now my screen is broken. Its not fair. I have to now pay $175 deductible to replace it

  25. I have done all this and my phone gets so hot it’s not touchable sometimes in the morning even at night in the dark overnight it gets so hot

    1. In that case, our suggestion for you is to take the phone to the store in which you purchased it or your carrier. They will see what’s wrong with it, and you may even get a replacement.

  26. Hi,
    I have read all the solutions… Do you think in today’s race of Android Smart phones any one will do ?
    Removal of Third party app, reset, cable, settings etc etc… who have this much of time to do all this.
    If other brands with same specifications going well than its mean Samsung should look into their product
    as other like Huawei, One Plus, Motorolla are not having heating problem and giving same specifications
    to the user.. So y go for Samsung with a lot of conditions and restrictions… I think SAMSUNG should
    try to sort out to retain their market.

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