How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not detecting SD card

Except for the 5G version, all Samsung Galaxy S10 variants have a microSD card slot. The maximum external memory you can add to your S10 and S10+ is up to 512 GB. You can use it to extend the storage capacity or transfer data from your phone to other devices.

Usually, adding the extra memory card to the phone is easy, but sometimes, it doesn’t work or cannot be detected. Below are a few tricks that can help you with resolving this issue.

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How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ That Is Not Detecting SD Card

The reason behind the issues you are facing related to micro SD on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ can be related to the card, the software, or the hardware. This problem is often caused by the card not being placed correctly in the slot. Let’s start the troubleshooting.

Remove SD Card

Open the slot and remove the SD card. Check if there is dirt or damage to the card. Clean it gently and carefully before you put it back in the slot. Make sure to place it correctly this time. If the issue persists, restart your Galaxy S10/S10+.

Test It On a PC

To find out if the issue comes from the micro SD card or is related to software, you can test it on a PC or another compatible device. Follow the steps below to check the SD card error on your PC.

1. Connect your Samsung S10/S10+ with micro SD to a PC by using a USB cable.

2. Open Windows Explorer on a PC.

3. Right-click on the micro SD driver

4. Click on Properties, choose Tools, then click Error Checking. PC will try to update the SD card driver software and fix any errors

5. Once the diagnosis process is done, take the SD card from its slot and put it back in.

When a PC or another device recognizes your SD card, the cause of the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ not detecting the SD card issue is probably linked to the phone.

Use different SD cards.

Another way to check if the phone is responsible for the SD card issue you are facing is to test it with a different micro SD card if you have one. Things to note: ensure the card you are going to use for testing is original, compatible with your phone, and doesn’t have any damaged or corrupted files. If it works fine with your Galaxy S10/S10+, move to the next solution.

Format SD card

If you tried using a different memory card on your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, and it worked fine, there is one more solution you should try – format your SD card. Before formatting the card, ensure you back up the data first. This process will erase all the data inside.

1. Place the SD card on your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ correctly

2. Launch Settings

3. Find the Battery and Device care option and tap it

4. Tap Storage

5. Tap Advanced

6. Choose the SD card option and tap Format

7. Tap Format to confirm

Reset to Factory Settings

If formatting doesn’t solve the problem, resetting your phone to its factory settings may do the trick. Resetting the phone to factory reset will erase the data on it. Make sure to back up your data before starting the process.

1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy S10/S10+

2. Select General management

3. Tap Reset

4. Choose Factory data reset

5. Tap Reset and enter your password or PIN

6. Tap Delete all.

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