How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not connecting to PC

Galaxy S10/S10+ is a powerful smartphone that can do almost all productivity-related things like checking emails, mobile banking, browsing, sharing photos on social media, etc. But, even though it is powerful and has some fantastic features, it has shortcomings.

If you’re wondering how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S10/s10+ that is not connecting to a PC, keep reading. That’s what we are going to discuss here.

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How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not connecting to PC

Sometimes, you need to connect your Galaxy S10/S10+ to a computer for sharing files or just for charging. For example, you have tons of photos on your phone and want to transfer some of them to free up the storage. Or, you want to export an old music album from your computer to the Galaxy phone.


You should never forget to put the rebooting method on the troubleshooting list, no matter the issue. It is the basic one and may solve your device problem within seconds, including the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ that is not connecting to a PC. Power off your phone for a few seconds, then turn it on again. Try to restart your PC as well.

Troubleshoot the Connection

Regarding exporting/importing files, the original cable matches your phone like no other. The speed of charging and data transfer is just perfect. If you cannot get the original, ensure you use a good quality data cable with proper data speed. However, you must also check the ports to troubleshoot the connection between your Galaxy S10/S10+ and PC.

1. Try different USB cables if possible. Some USB cables can only work for charging, not transferring data. So make sure you are using a proper USB data cable.

2. Check the port of your phone. Clean up gently with a soft brush to eliminate dust and debris, then test it on another computer.

3. Check the ports of your PC. Clean them up with a soft brush carefully. Don’t use a hard tool. Then try to connect another device to that PC.

Check USB Connection Mode

When you plug your Samsung phone into a computer, it doesn’t know if you want to charge your phone or transfer files. By default, it may be set as charging mode instead of the file transfer. Perhaps that is why your Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ won’t connect to the PC. To find out, check your USB connection settings.

1. Plug your Galaxy S10/S10+ into the PC using a USB data cable

2. Place your finger on the top of your phone screen and slide it down to bring up the notification bar.

3. You will see an Android System notification telling you the current status of the USB mode. Tap the USB connection mode and switch it to Transfer Files.

Update Driver

The cause of the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ not connecting to a PC can be related to the USB driver. Perhaps, it is outdated. Updating the driver may resolve the issue. Before we start the process, it would be best to update the OS of both devices, your phone, and PC.

1. Use a USB data cable to connect your Galaxy S10/S10+ to your PC

2. Click the Start button and select Device Manager

3. Look at the Portable Devices section, and you will find your Galaxy phone on the list. Right-click on your phone name.

4. On the drop-down menu, click Update driver and follow the instructions.

If updating the driver doesn’t work, try to uninstall it.

1. Connect your Galaxy S10/S10+ to your PC using a USB cable

2. Go to Device Manager

3. Find your device on the list and right-click on it

4. Select Uninstall and unplug your phone from the PC

5. Reconnect your phone to the PC and it will re-install the driver

Enable USB Debugging

If none of the methods above fixes the issue, try to enable USB debugging on your phone.

1. Go to Settings and tap About phone

2. Tap Software Information

3. Tap the Built number option seven times

4. Enter your PIN or password if necessary

5. Tap the Developer options switch button to activate it, then turn on USB debugging

6. Find the USB configuration option and set it to MTP

7. Restart your Galaxy S10/S10+

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