How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth Issues

If you are wondering how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth issues, keep reading because we are going to share a few simple and effective solutions. No matter if the connection keeps dropping or you can’t pair your phone with another Bluetooth device, the tips listed below can put things in motion again.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth Issues

Toggle Bluetooth

To fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth issues may not be that complicated. Maybe it’s just as simple as you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone, wait for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Toggle Airplane mode

Another simple trick that may fix the issue is toggling the Airplane mode. All you need to do is go to Settings, turn on the Airplane mode, wait for 15-20 seconds and turn it off.

Try The Other Bluetooth Devices

When having Bluetooth problems on Galaxy S10, most of us only focus on the phone as if it’s the only one that is responsible for the issues. Sometimes, we forget to check the other Bluetooth devices paired to our phone, such as speakers, earphones, etc. Try to pair a different Bluetooth device to your Galaxy S10 and see how it works. You can also try to connect the Bluetooth device to another smartphone if you have any.

Clear Cache And Data Of Bluetooth

If the first two methods didn’t work, then try to Clear Cache and Data of Bluetooth.

  1. First, you have to go to Settings on your Galaxy S10
  2. Find the Apps option by scrolling the screen. Once you find the option, tap on it.
  3. On the upper-right corner of the screen, you will see the three dot, tap that one and choose “Show system apps”.
  4. Then, scroll down the screen and select Bluetooth.
  5. Tap the Force stop button.
  6. Touch the Storage option.
  7. Tap Clear cache.
  8. Tap Clear data and tap Ok to confirm.
  9. Now, restart your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Remove the app from Sleeping apps

Some users reported Bluetooth issues when they are listening to the musing using streaming services, like Spotify. In some cases, the reason why Bluetooth connection stops is that the app might be listed as one of the sleeping apps. So, what you need to do is remove the app from the list.

  1. Launch Spotify app
  2. Tap “Your Library” at the bottom-right corner
  3. Tap the Settings icon on the upper-right screen
  4. Scroll down until you find Delete cache option and tap it
  5. Tap DELETE CACHE to confirm
  6. Go back to Home screen and open your Galaxy S10 Settings
  7. Search Sleeping Apps
  8. Find Spotify (or another app you might be using that is on the list of Sleeping apps)
  9. Unselect it

Adjust The Bluetooth AVRCP Version

AVRCP stands for Audio or Video Remote Control Profile. It allows a certain device to control the audio or video equipment on the other device, remotely. This method is worth a try to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Bluetooth issues. To adjust the Bluetooth AVRCP versions, you have to go to Settings, scroll down and select Developer options. Scroll down again until you find Bluetooth AVRCP option, and tap it. You can select the different AVRCP version, then restart the phone.

Update The Software

Updating the Software can solve many issues, that’s why Samsung always recommend you to keep updating the OS of your devices. Check if there is Software update available on your Samsung Galaxy S10 by opening the Settings > About device > Software update > Download and install.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting all network settings on your Samsung Galaxy S10 can fix problems related to Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. So, if you have tried everything above but didn’t get any result, try this method. Go to Settings, then select General management. Here, tap Reset and choose Reset network settings. Then, tap Reset to confirm.

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