How to Fix PS4 Disk Eject(Automatically) Problems

PS4 Disk ejecting automatically is one of the common problems in its series. In this guide we wrote few solutions to target the problem.

PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console in the market right now. Thanks to Sony entertainment many people can be entertained from the comfort of their homes with the console that is not only addictive but involving. It is an upgrade from the console PlayStation 3 with improvement in graphics, design, GUI and user controls.

Like all other electronics the PlayStation 4 console has defects that needs users to always be able to correct and continue enjoying the game. The major problem reported is the disk eject unexpectedly problem. The ps4 disc eject by itself usually happens to most of the console gadgets and some simple steps can be taken to resolve them. Sometimes when you are enjoying the game the disk ejects automatically.

Fixing PS4 Disk Eject Problems

How to Fix PS4 Disk Eject(Automatically) Problems

This happens a lot since the system might overheat if not placed in a well ventilated space and this results in the malfunction. The miscommunication of console’s system makes the disk eject. To solve this one can place the console in a well ventilated space to ensure that it get enough cooling air to prevent overheating. If this does not work you can hold the power button down and ensure the console is tuned off completely.

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1 Unplug the power cable from the switch and wait for three minutes and plug in the power cable and this should work just fine. If it does not resolve the problem then Sony recommends you to visit their service centers for repair Sometimes the disk playing refuses to eject from the console. The stuck disc does not automatically eject when the eject button is pressed since there could be a system malfunction and thus you have to manually eject the disk.

2 Power off the console and unplug all the cables that connect to it. Place the console on a flat surface and remove the glossy part of the console. When removed it exposes the disc area.

Fixing PS4 Disk Eject Problems

You then need to locate the eject button.

3 Use a small screw drive to unwind the eject button until the disk is seen to be popping out of the disk slot. Pull out the disk carefully to ensure no damage occurs to the disk or the console. Sometimes the disc does not enter the disc slot due to a malfunction of the motor and this causes the games not to be read by the console.

4 There are various methods you can try to make the disc area work. You can place the console in a vertical position and this might enable the console work properly. If this fails you can try putting it in a well ventilated space to get some fresh air since the console might get overheated if not properly ventilated and the system might get jammed.

If this does not fix the  PS4 Disk automatically Eject(no disk inserted)  then you call the Sony technicians for repair of the console The disk eject problems always come in a number of ways and many people have tried solving some issues while other issues go unsolved and it sometimes frustrates the console lovers since you buy a new console, then you discover it has malfunctions.


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