How to fix LG G7 ThinQ battery life issues

When we talk about smartphone issues, no matter if it is Android or iPhone, one that pops up frequently is battery-related. After some period of time, users notice the battery does not last for long. They have to charge their phones often, and all this turns into annoyance pretty fast. Even though the batteries are more powerful these days than they were before, the apps and settings, in general, are more powerful as well. However, there are some tips that can help you out. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to fix LG G7 ThinQ battery life issues.

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Tips to fix LG G7 ThinQ battery life issues

Restart your phone

The simplest thing to do for starters is to restart your device. This is important because by restarting it, you will close all the things that are running in the background. While it may not seem like there is anything running in the background, there are tons of processes and apps, and every single thing that runs has some sort of impact on the battery. If you don’t restart the phone regularly and close all those things, the battery won’t last for long. So, first things first. Restart your phone.

Turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data and GPS when not in use

This is another thing for you to do. All these options are great, but you don’t really need them all turned on all the time, right? So, when you don’t use Bluetooth, make sure it is turned off. The same goes for the rest. When not in use, just make sure they are off. You will notice the battery will last a lot longer.

Automatic brightness

Displays are all bright and great, but making sure the brightness is set to automatic could be a game-changer. All you need to do is head over Display settings and select automatic brightness. It is just that simple.

Turn off the vibrate mode when not in use

Another setting that you should turn off when not in use. While this might be handy, it can also have a huge impact on the battery. So, when the vibrate mode is not in use, make sure it is turned off.

Widgets and live papers

This is another thing for you to consider – lower down the number of widgers (especially the ones with live update) and also consider replacing a live paper with a normal one. These small changes can make things a lot better in terms of battery life, so it is definitely worth trying.

Get rid of the power-hungry apps or the apps you no longer use

If you have too many power-hungry apps, consider deleting some. Also, if you have too many apps you no longer use, make sure to uninstall them. They can be a burden do your phone and the battery, even when not in use.

Update the apps

Make sure to update the remaining apps. You can do that by opening Google Play, tap on the hamburger icon and tap on My apps &  games. Tap Update all.

Software update

Check for a software update from time to time. It will not bring you a set of new features, it also brings fixes for various bugs and issues. In other words, it can bring a solution for battery-life issues and it may improve it a bit.

Make Use of Power saver

If you are out, and there is no power source or charger around you can make the battery last a bit longer by making use of the Power saver option. When turned on, this setting will reduce the performance of your phone. Here is how to enable it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Battery
  • Tap Battery Saver
  • Select one of the options: Extended or Maximum

When it is time to turn the Power saver off, again navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery saver, and tap off.


These are some of the simple tips that can change how the battery behaves and can make it last longer. So, make sure to try them out.