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How To Fix LG G3 Slow Charging Issue/ Draining

There have been many complaints made by LG G3 users saying the device is charging slowly. Noticing that the battery percentage isn’t moving as fast as it should, it can be pretty annoying. Here we are going to share a few things you can try in order to solve this problem. Here is how to fix LG G3 slow charging issue.

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Steps To Fix Battery Drain Issue On LG G3

> If the battery is almost empty, you can use the Battery Saver option to make it last a bit longer. For that, go to Settings > Battery and then select Battery Saver. It will let the users to set a specific level and depending on the level some features will be turned off in order to save the battery life.

Battery Drain Issue On LG G3
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> You can also disable some features like GPS, NFC, 3G and Bluetooth when you are not using them.

> The Battery Drain Issue On LG G3 may happen because of any rough app. You can check where the most battery power is using by going to Settings > General > Battery > Battery Use. If you see that any particular app is the culprit, then check the settings of that app and make sure that it is up to date. And if you see that the app is not that much useful, then the best way is to uninstall the same.

> You can also wipe the cache partition to fix this battery drain issue. Following are the steps for that:

  • Tap Settings
  • Select General
  • Tap Storage
  • Select Cached data, then press Okay.

> Make sure that the software is up to date. To do that, go to Settings > General tab > About phone > Software update.

> Some apps may misbehave and can cause a wide range of issues, such as lagging of your device and battery drain. You can download an application called Greenify, which puts such apps into hibernation when you are not using them.

> If all the above steps fail to solve this problem, then perform a master reset. Here are the steps for that:

  • Navigate to settings
  • General
  • Highlight Backup and reset
  • Select a preferred backup method
  • Select Factory Data Reset


>  Clearing your caches 


> Boot your LG G3 into Recovery mode  and wipe cache partition.


How to fix LG G3 slow charging issue

Make sure you are using the original charger

When you are about to charge your LG G3, make sure that you are using the charger that came with your device.

Try a different charger

If the problem occurs when you are using the original charger perhaps it is faulty (it may be damaged, broken, etc.), so to eliminate that, use a different charger and different cable.

Use Ampere

There is a handy app called Ampere that will tell you how much power your device is receiving. With this app, you will see which USB cable/charger combination is working the best for your smartphone, so it will charge faster.

Close apps which are running in the background

If you have tons of apps which are running in the background, that may be the reason why your device is charging slowly. Here is how you can close background apps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Apps
  • Swipe to the left and tap select Running tab
  • You will see all the running apps
  • To close the app which is running, tap on its name and click Stop
  • You will be asked if you want to stop system service, tap Yes.

Also, try not to use your device while it’s charging because it will charge slower.


If these workarounds didn’t help you fix the problem, contact LG or your carrier.


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  1. So if you are/were like me and [B]have tried pretty much everything[/B], looked everywhere (if you’re looking at an old thread like this, you’re probably desperate to find a solution), and have all the tweaks on your phone to save battery, and the advice people give about disabling wifi and bluetooth, and other[B] obvious tips[/B] that annoy the heck out of you, and you’ve looked at the health of your battery (seems fine) and other hardware related issues, but your battery still drains here’s the [B]real truth[/B].


    [U]I’ve been personally guilty of not facing the same inevitable fact[/U] in the past, but whenever you have an OS update or when things just don’t seem to work all of sudden as it did before, there’s a conflict with some of the old “stuff” in your phone and you need to clean that out. It’s not the update or the new OS that’s the problem – it’s the conflict with the old junk in your phone that’s causing the issue. My phone used to drain overnight (where when i wake up the phone is dead), but now it is at 85% when i go to sleep, 85% when i wake up 7-8 hours later. And that’s with wifi off during sleep, data/bluetooth off. You won’t get the same result unless you have the same [root] tweaks that i’ve made in other areas, but regardless, it’s not gonna go dead overnight.

    I know – it seems scary and it may take some work to get it back to where you had it, but [B]think about all the time you spent trying everything else[/B]. Just bite the bullet and get it done – i promise it will solve your battery issues.

    [U]You don’t need to wipe “system” or your internal/sd cards (don’t wipe these, in fact) – just wipe “data”, “cache” and “dalvik”.[/U] It will throw you in to the original Google/Android phone setup steps, but just go through them. Have google backup or use apps like Titanium to back up every little thing on your phone (like msgs) beforehand. If you have a launcher, you can make back up of that too. Well, this part you probably can figure out.

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