How To Clear Cache On Android

Cache on android is a place where the data or files of the apps are stored, and it helps in loading the pages each time the apps are launched. Though the importance of cache can’t be ignored but at the same time cached data can create so many issues such as files get corrupted, app stops working, web pages get stuck downloading etc. in your android Smartphone. Also, if you do not have any issues, clearing the cached data is always a good idea, to maintain the speed of the phone along with freeing up some phone’s memory.

So, if there is a need to clear cache and data of the Android phone, just follow the below methods and get rid of any kind of issues.

‘Insufficient storage Available’ is a kind of issue many android users face with, which you can fix by clicking here.

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Ways to clear cache android:

Method 1: clear cache android for individual app

The need to clear cache of single app is required when you are facing issues with a particular app. If any app stops working properly, lags performance and takes enough time to launch or close, clearing the cached data can eliminate the issue at once. This process is very simple and can be done in no time. Here is the way to do this.

  • First, go to the settings menu by pressing the menu button of the android device.
  • Next, tap on the option ‘application manager’ or ‘apps’ to see every app present in the android phone.
  • Tap on the ‘app’ for which you want to clear android cache partition.
  • A new page ‘app info’ will be displayed with every detail of the app such as app’s version number and storage space used by it, etc. Just scroll down to find the option ‘clear cache’ and the cache of that app will be deleted completely. You can follow the same process for other apps as well.
Cached data

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Method 2: clear android cache partition of all apps together

The second method is used when the problem is not with a single app rather with the phone. In case, the phone’s performance is slow and the Internet doesn’t work properly in spite of having good connection, clearing the cache of all apps is advised to get rid of the issue. This process is also as simple as the first method. Just 2-3 steps and you will be done with it.

  • Head to the setting’s app and click on the ‘storage option’.
  • A click on that option will show you the memory details such as used memory, free space, cached data and memory used by it etc.
  • Click on the cached data option to clear cached data for all apps and again click ‘OK’ to confirm the delete process.
Cached data

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But, this process works for the Smartphone running on android 4.2 and later version. So, the older devices will not support this process. However, everything has a solution, and it has too. The process is discussed in the next method.

Method 3: Clear cache android using an app

There are many apps available at the Google play store that can delete the cache from android devices for a single app or for all the apps together. Also, these apps work for every version of android. The App Cache cleaner is one such useful app used to clear cache. The exciting features of this app are:

> Auto clear: When this feature is activated, the cache of the apps will be deleted automatically each time they are launched. This feature can be activated by going to the menu > settings and by checking the available options.

> Also, you can set a reminder to clear the cache when the cache files reach to a particular size.

Method 4: Clear cache of Firefox in android

If you want to clear the android cache for Firefox, first launch the browser and tap on the menu located at the top right corner. Next, follow the path settings> privacy> clear now. This will display various options, just check the option ‘cache’ and tap on the clear data button.

The option to make this cache clearing for Firefox is also available on android. To set this feature, you need to tap on ‘clear on exit’ option located just below ‘clear now’. It will display various options. Check on ‘cache’, ‘browsing history’ etc. that you want to set automatic and press the button ‘set’ at the bottom.

Cached data

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Method 5: Clear cache of Chrome in android

This method is very similar to the Firefox method where you need to launch chrome and head to settings > privacy > Advanced. Now at the bottom of the screen, tap on the menu option again. Next, tap on ‘clear browsing data’>clear the cache and the cache from Chrome will be deleted.


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