How to fix HBO Now sign in issues

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Imagine the frustration of being locked out of your favorite service, in this case, HBO Now, especially when you’ve been looking forward to enjoying your favorite show on it. There’s quite a number of reasons why this would happen,  ranging from connectivity issues, security information like passwords and region restrictions. The following are a few steps that can help you sign in successfully.

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Alternate Log In

If all the sign-in information has been verified to be correct, the issue could simply be browser-based due to network and service preferences. Simply close down the service and launch a different browser and try to sign in with your unique details there.

Browser Refreshing

If the service being accessed has recently changed some data relating to its use, in this instance HBO Now, the browser might have trouble re-accessing the service using the old protocols. This can be easily solved by clearing all the data that the browser has saved pertaining to the particular service. This includes cookies and cache data. Executing this, however, means that some automatic features may be lost. Each browser is unique when it comes to doing this but it’s usually pretty easy.

  • Navigate to the browser settings which is generally identified by a gear logo just like in mobile devices
  • Go to ‘clear browsing data’ and select the cache and cookies option then proceed
  • Once done, close the browser, reopen it, and then try to sign in again.

Login details Check

It’s pretty easy to mistake the details of one service provider with another, especially if the services are similar.

  • Check the details again to ensure that they are correct
  • If they are, verify their correctness by trying to sign in to the service with a different device and see what happens
  • To reduce chances of this, try using the save-details facility of browsers so that you don’t enter details every time but make sure that no one else has access to that device to prevent unauthorized use
  • If the problem persists, try choosing the ‘forgot password’ option. This will prompt a password reset which might possibly fix the problem. Before going this way, make sure you have access to the registered email address and phone number.

Restart Everything

Signing in can be caused by device glitches which can be hard to isolate, from the network router itself to the device. To rule out this possibility, simply refresh all the devices involved.

  • Switch off the streaming device, the network router and wait for about a minute or more.
  • Remember, do not ‘shut down’ but use the actual restart feature since it is designed to check for errors and fix them by design
  • Once restarted, open the browser that is usually connected to the service and try logging in again.

Region Check

This is one of the most probable causes of signing in problems. The HBO Now service is restricted to certain regions so it might simply be that your current region is not supported.

  • For new users, check the supported regions in which the service works, old users that have changed locations should check beforehand to see which areas are supported
  • For old users who haven’t changed location, check the browser settings for VPN settings since this is usually the cause of location discrepancies. Switch it off then restart the browser and try to connect to the service again.

Updates and Installation

Check the store for the latest releases of the service application when using one and update it then restart it. If this doesn’t help, clear all the app history and files from the device then do a new installation of the latest release that is compatible with the device at hand and you should surely be ready to go!

Get Service provider help

Some issues may be related to the service itself being down so if all attempts still don’t fix the sign-in issues, contact support and verify that the service is actually working at that time using the official communication platforms such as their support email: Provide information such as the registered details, address, account number and a brief description off the problem.

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