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How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Overheating Issue

How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Overheating Issue 1
How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Overheating Issue

Galaxy Note 4 users have been facing a lot of problems with their phone but one of the most common problems is overheating issue. A lot of users reported that their phone gets too hot to touch after using it for some time. For some users, the problem was solved in few days after replacing the battery. But after few days, the Galaxy Note 4 overheating issue started.

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Several reasons can cause this problem such as corrupted SD card, any third-party app, water damage etc.

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Steps to fix Note 4 overheating problem

Method 1

First of all, update all the applications by going to Google Play store because the apps that are not updated may create the overheating issue. After updating check if any app is showing as not updated, if yes then erase that one.

Method 2

If your Galaxy Note 4 gets too hot when you use any specific app then observe your phone closely by booting it into Safe mode. To do so,

  • Switch off your Note 4 completely
  • Press and hold the Volume Down key and Power key together
  • Leave the Power key when your phone starts to booting. Do not leave the Volume Down key until the Galaxy Note 4 finishes restarting
  • At the bottom-left corner of the screen, Safe mode will be displayed. Now leave the Volume Down key.

In Safe mode observe if your phone is overheating. If the Galaxy Note 4 overheating is not there then a third-party app is causing this problem, in which case you should uninstall the apps one by one until the problem is solved. Start with the recently installed apps.

Galaxy Note 4 Safe mode

Method 3

If you are using an SD card then the overheating problem on Note 4 may occur if the card is faulty. Format the SD card going to Settings > Storage Menu and then check if the problem has been solved. Before formatting backup the data of the SD card.

Method 4

Software related problem may create the overheating problem on Galaxy Note 4. In such situation, OTA (over the air) can solve the problem. To update the phone’s software, go to Settings > About Device > Software Update and then Update.

Method 5

If recently your phone came in touch with water, then it’s a strong reason for overheating the phone. You should immediately contact the service center to get rid of this problem.

Method 6

Close the apps that are not being used, as using many apps at the same time can make the phone hot. But if you do not notice any change after closing the apps then most probably it’s a hardware problem. In such case contacting your service provider is the only option.

Method 7

Do you keep the GPS and Bluetooth on all the time? If yes, then turn the GPS and Bluetooth off when you are not using them. Also, lower the screen brightness. It will save battery life as well.

Method 8

If your Galaxy Note 4 gets too hot when it is charging then put the phone in Airplane mode. The reason is the phone uses the battery continuously to search network and Wifi signal when it is charging and in such situation your phone gets overheated.

Galaxy Note 4 Overheating Issue_chraging

Method 9

You need to put the phone in the CPU power saving mode if the Galaxy Note 4 gets overheated when using the ear piece. For that navigate to Settings > My Device and then activate Power saving mode. Now the Power saving mode tab needs to be clicked and a new page will open. Three options will be there, among them click on CPU power saving tab.

Method 10

If you have tried all these methods but the issue still exists, the final option is to perform a factory reset which is done by going to Settings >Backup and Reset >Factory Data Reset and Reset Device.

But do not forget to create the backup of the device first as this process will erase everything from your handset.

After following all these methods if still you face Galaxy Note 4 overheating problem then contact your service provider and ask for a replacement.


  1. I have tried all the methods but still my galaxy note 4 wouldn’t stop overheating..pls is it the board?
    2. Any time I am using the Internet, the phone starts to install apps all by its self pls why?

  2. Please help ! my note 4 quickly overheat after such a short usage of the camera, i keep my phone pretty clean with minimal apps installed, it also gets overheating when i play games though it takes mintues compared to using camera which instantly starting to overheat.

    1. hi, please can you try using other camera app from app store rather using the in build one. There are many of them available like Camera FV, Camera JB+ etc. In this way we can make sure it is because of some leakage from that particular app.

      Also, if you use huge data card like more than 16GB, the apps usually take more time to read and write the data stream there. Please try to archive all unused data from your SD card to your laptop.

      I will be here to know your test results always. Thanks

      1. i did a complete memory wipe and reboot and used msqrd for the camera, it still overheats, i’m starting to think the battery but i’m hesitating to change it because i don’t wanna waste 40€ and to still have the same problem, but it looks like i hit a dead end and need to buy it either ways

  3. Indeed I found a solution for this disturbing phenomenon, which I never found with an cell phones/smart phones from Nokia to HTC to LG4. I cleared all open windows and put on power saver. Withi minutes, the phone cooled down and was recharging even as I was using it.

    Thank you very much. You were a great help.

  4. My phone is showing me over heating Samsung galaxy note 4 please i need help when i try to set it up. 2 application has been closed. your device is overheating. you can only use the phone and contacts application

  5. I was losing battery very quickly with the phone just laying there and doing nothing. It was lagging so bad and nothing was really working for weeks before the 5.01 update. I got the update and I did a factory reset. Oh my God, it was night and day. I barely feel any heat anymore, the phone is so fast and no issues with anything. Like it was brand new. Hint, what I did afterwards, was to only load the apps I needed for my real estate business and any other basic apps. Then, I inputed all my settings the way I wanted to phone to be and in fact didn’t even load Nova Launcher, just the minimum apps. Then, I did a Helium backup to Google Drive and now I have a clean backup, with the minimum stuff I need, if the phone, down the line, starts to act up again because of a rogue app or setting. I’ll just reset it again, download only the Helium app and load this clean Helium backup from Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever cloud you chose when you originally did the backup. It won’t be everything but it’ll be a good start and will hopefully save me time.

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