How to enable Blue Light Filter on Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 has a variety of features that you can enable and disable as you please. Out of the box, the majority of features are turned off, but with just a few taps you can turn on the ones you want. One of the features you should try is the Blue light filter. We are going to explain what it is and its purpose. Also, we are going to share a guide on how to enable Blue light filter on Samsung Galaxy S20.

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What is a Blue light filter?

This feature is one of the most useful ones because it is designed to protect your eyes during the evening and night. It reduces the Blue light the screen is emitting and it shows warmer colors. As a result, it will reduce eye fatigue, and you will notice that it is much easier on the eyes in general.

How to enable Blue Light Filter on Samsung Galaxy S20

Here is how to enable this feature on your Galaxy S20:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Now Tap Display
  • Tap Blue Light Filter and enable it by tapping the switch next to Turn on now

Once you enable the feature, you can adjust it according to your preferences. First, you can use the slider to adjust the amount of filtering. Also, if you don’t like the idea to turn the filter on and off manually, you can tap on the option Turn on as scheduled. When you do that, you get to choose between two options. The first one is from sunrise to sunset, and the second one is the option to set the time yourself. The filter will turn on automatically at the time you have set, so you don’t have to do it manually every time and plus, you don’t have to worry that you will forget to turn the feature on.