How To Download YouTube Videos to IPhone

There are many video-sharing websites that allow users to upload, browse, and watch videos, but YouTube is the most popular one, there is no doubt about it. While we all enjoy watching videos on this site, using our computers, smartphones or tablets, we need to be connected to the Internet. You certainly have a favorite music video, or a funny video you would like to watch on your iPhone or iPad, even when you are offline. Some time ago, YouTube mentioned one of the future updates will bring this option as a new mobile future, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. At least not yet, and while we are waiting, let’s see how to download YouTube videos to iPhone.

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how to download YouTube videos to iPhone

How to download YouTube videos to iPhone

If you want to download your favorite videos to your iPhone, you will have to get a third-party app first. There have been many apps available in the App Store over the years, but many of them have been removed. When a new app shows up, it will be there for some period of time, and again – it will be removed, same as all similar ones. Why is that? Let’s briefly explain it.

Users do not have the permission to watch YouTube videos offline using one of third-party apps. As you probably know, YouTube belongs to Google. Google, and those who post the videos on YouTube are allowed to add ads to earn the money, and if you are watching videos offline, using a third-party app you will prevent them to earn that money. People who have Android devices are also wondering how to download videos, but they won’t find third-party apps in the Play Store to download the videos they want from this video-sharing site. On the other hand, those who own iOS devices may find these kinds of apps in the App Store. Unfortunately, the App Store will remove them after a while.

Before we explain how to download YouTube videos to iPhone, we must point out one very important thing, you should keep in mind. When you download a video from the site, it must be for personal use only.


How to download videos

In order to download a video to your iPhone or iPad, you should get one of the third-party apps, as we mentioned above. One of the apps that is still available in the App Store, and that seems to be working just fine is Video Downloader Liter Super – VDownload.

how to download YouTube videos to iPhone

This app is designed for both, iPad and iPhone, and it is free. Here is how to download videos:

  • Launch the application
  • Select the Browser icon (if it’s not already selected)
  • In the address bar, type
  • Search for the video you want
  • When the list of videos shows up, select the one you wish to download
  • Tap Download
  • Once the video is downloaded, it will be in the Files section.

If for some reason you cannot download the videos using Video Download Lite Super – VDownload, the other option you have is to download it to your computer first, and you can do that using one of the programs available online. Also, there are several websites that allow the option to copy the YouTube link, and hit Download. Once you get the video you want, copy it to your iPhone.

Now that you know how to download YouTube videos to iPhone, you will be able to finally watch your favorite ones even when you are offline. Don’t forget – this is for the personal use only!


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