How to draw on photos from iPhone Photos App

The world is all about flaunting and presenting ourselves in a more virtually modified way. There are several apps introduced in the market designed for photo editing. With Doodle app, the process is very easy and accurate. The app has been recommended by many websites due to its numerous options to edit, add frames, and many more features.

If your motive is to communicate through your pictures then doodle on picture is a perfect app for you. You can share your photos with a bunch of friends. Here is how:

  1. Visit the Apple store and get You Doodle.
  2. Now, install the app by clicking on install option.
  3. Post the installation, open the app.
  4. From your album choose an image which you wish to doodle.
  5. Now, click on the option called ‘extension’ from the bottom of the app.
  6. Tap on You Doodle to start the editing procedure in your image.
  7. Now the picture you’ve chosen will be available to edit for you and with numerous features and editing functions.


Once all the editing is done, you can save your picture and post and send it wherever you like. The app also gives you an option to transpose the picture directly to social media. The app supports doodling on photos as large as 9 megapixels and over. The Doodle app to draw on photos is very easy to navigate as well. The app also gives you the liberty to click a picture in real time and edit it. The app integrates with your device’s camera and when needed it produces some good clicks.


Doodle is available as a free app on iOS and the app maker keeps on adding features as per the feedback and suggestions provided by the users. It’s always good to check for any updates available for the users to get the best experience out of the discovery. The Doodle app’s customer support is very attentive towards the queries from the users and are efficient with their turnaround time. The users are very much impressed with the features available.

You Doodle is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store as well. There are many editing apps available in your app store, but You Doodle app to draw on pictures is different due to its features and functions. Users have access to drawing tools such as spray, chalk, recolor, blur, smudge, clone stamp, scissors, soft edge and more, in addition to the usual color picker, brush, and eraser. Shapes, clipart, filters, 3D text, and even “3D rotation. Not only this ,there is lots of functions which you will get to know once you self-explore it” .

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