How to delete Discord messages

There are many reasons why someone would want to delete a message. And even though sometimes we are able to remove our messages before someone sees them, things on the internet are always hard to get rid of forever. There is always a chance that someone has taken a screenshot of it or it has not deleted from their end; so it’s only up to you to be responsible for your words. To learn how to delete Discord messages, keep reading.

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What happens when you delete a message on Discord?

Discord has one distinct, permanent way of deleting messages. As of yet, you are not able to delete messages as a whole from a channel or DM on the app. However, there’s a long route of doing it, which is explained below. If you don’t want to opt with the coding method, you should probably delete each message one by one.

Another thing to note is that you cannot delete another person’s messages. Only they can do that. The other person will also not be notified if you delete a message. When you delete your text message, it will almost instantaneously be removed from your side as well as the other person’s. Photos, however, may take a longer time—about a few days. So be careful about what you send!

Deleting single messages on Discord

To delete messages one by one on Discord, follow these instructions:

  1. First of all, open the Discord app on any device. You may also use the web app if you’re on a desktop. Log in with your information.
  2. Navigate to the channel, server, or DM where you wish to remove your message.
  3. Hover over the right end of the message. Click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots).
  4. From the drop-down menu, select “Delete Message”. Once you have clicked on this, you cannot undo this option.

Keep in mind that there is also an “Edit Message” option in the menu. So if you’re looking for a less permanent option, this option just may do the job. Note that the person/people in the chat will know that you have edited the message. They will see a small “(edited)” under your message.

Deleting all messages from a dm or channel

Here’s where it can get a bit complicated. Since Discord cannot delete a bunch of messages at once, you’ll have to do some coding. Don’t worry though! If you follow these instructions carefully, you won’t struggle with the process:

  1. First of all, open the Discord app on any device. You may also use the web app if you’re on a desktop. Log in with your information.
  2. Navigate to the channel, server, or DM where you wish to remove your message.
  3. Open DevTools by clicking “F12” on a PC or “command” + “option” + “J” on a Mac.
  4. In a separate place where you can edit the text, enter the following:

// fill with your info

var authToken = “MTX5MzQ1MjAyMjU0NjA2MzM2.ROFLMAO.UvqZqBMXLpDuOY3Z456J3JRIfbk”;

var authorId = “112233445566778899”;

var channelId = “112233445566778899”;

var firstMessageId = “”;

deleteMessages(authToken, authorId, channelId, firstMessageId); //start

Now you’ll have to edit this message.

authToken: Click “F12” again, and under “Headers”, go to “Request Headers” and copy the authorization code.

authorId: Go to discord, and right-click on your avatar (not the message) and select “Copy ID”.

channelId: Right-click a channel name and select “Copy ID”. For DMs, select the web address after “@me/”

firstmessageId: Right-click and copy the ID of the message from where you want the deletion to start. If this is the beginning of a DM or channel, don’t put in anything.

  1. When you’re done, paste the text in the console.
  2.  The messages in the channel or DM will begin deleting. To stop it at any time, type “STOP=1” in the console and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

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