How to delete apps on Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 offers the most amazing experience to its users, thanks to great specs and a variety of features out of the box. But, would it be so fun without apps? Certainly not. When you get a new phone you will install a ton of applications. After a while, you may find that your Home screen is cluttered with so many apps and that you don’t even use half of it. You can easily get rid of everything you no longer need or find fun to use. Here, we are going to show you how to delete apps on Samsung Galaxy S20.

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How to delete apps on Samsung Galaxy S20

If this is not your first Android phone, you’ll be happy to know that nothing has changed and that you can delete the apps just as you did on your previous devices. But, if this is your first Android phone ever, you might need some help. The good news is – deleting apps on Samsung Galaxy S20 is very simple.

You can delete the apps by heading to Settings > Apps. Tap on the app you wish to remove, and tap Uninstall.

But, there is another way to uninstall the apps, and you may find it simpler. Head over to the Home screen and find the app you wish to uninstall. Tap and hold its icon and a pop-up menu will show up. Just tap Uninstall and that’s it.

However, you have to keep in mind that some apps can’t be removed and those are phone’s core apps that came out of the box. When you press and hold the icon of that sort of app, you won’t get the Uninstall option, but if the system allows it, you will get a Disable option. So, you can go for that.