How to calibrate Gyroscope on Android devices

To explain how to calibrate and use a Gyroscope on your Android device, we firstly must give a detailed explanation of what is a Gyroscope.

What is it?

A Gyroscope is a device that’s meant to measure the change of the angles of some object. In other words, it helps with the object’s orientation. It’s a very simple device that only consists of a wheel placed so it can spin around an axle. The outside look of Gyroscope reminds us of a Fidget Spinner, a toy that you can balance and spin.

Now let’s cut to the chase and start explaining how you can calibrate this device on your android phone or tablet.

In the tech world, the Gyroscope is commonly called the G-Sensor. So it is basically a sensor that will help you with orientation. And this device is available on newer android versions.

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Steps to calibrating it on your phone:

  • Open the “Settings” of your android device.
  • Depending on which Android device you are currently using, find either the “Display” or “Motion” option, and tap on it.
  • Again, it varies from device to device, but you will probably have to go to the “Advanced settings” now.
  • Look for the “G-sensor” option when the display/motion settings appear.
  • When you’ve found it, you will now need to place your phone on the flat surface, such as a desk.
  • Click on the “Calibrate” option and try not to move your phone until this action is finished. The process itself won’t take long and will be surely finished in a few seconds.

Since there are more methods of calibrating your Gyroscope, we will show all of them here.

You can use other apps to do this. There are many different apps available in the store. For example the

  • Open your Google app store.
  • When you’ve opened go to “Search” and type “GPS status”.
  • Find and download one of the “GPS status” app. If you wish to use some other app, either one you choose will do its job well, so just choose whichever you want.

Note: Not all of these apps will be available and compatible for your device, search for the right one in Google’s app store.

  • Once you install the GPS Status app, you will need to give it permission for it to access certain files of your mobile phone. Allow and continue.
  • Now, you will need to find the “Calibrate pitch and roll” option. It will be in different places based on which you are using. Since we are here showing you how to to use the Gps Status & Toolbox app, you will need to find that “Calibrate pitch and roll” option on your screen.
  • After you’ve clicked on the “Calibrate” option, just place your phone on some flat surface, on a table, on a floor and etc. And do not use it or move it for a certain amount of time, this process will only last a few seconds.

After the calibration is over, you will be able to use your phone again regularly.

Note: Some Android mobile phones, such as Samsung phones have a fast and hidden menu. If you wish to access the fast menu and activate calibration this way, you will need to go to the phone dialer and to type this code *#*# to access it. Click on “System” next and just lay your phone on a flat surface and let the calibration test finish.

We hope that this article helped you with calibrating your device. Until next time!

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