How to activate dark mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you just purchased Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, you get to enjoy a variety of features and fantastic performance. Once you go to Settings, you will see a ton of options you can change according to your desires. One of the things you can try is to activate the dark mode. That’s a pretty handy feature, that will be easy on your eyes. In addition, it can make the battery of your smartphone to last longer. if you are wondering how to activate dark mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, keep reading. We are going to show you how to do just that.

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How to activate dark mode on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

There are two ways to enable dark mode on Galaxy S20 Ultra. The first one is from the Settings menu, and the second one is from Quick panel. We are going to show you both.

Method 1: Settings menu

Follow the steps to activate dark mode from the Settings menu:

  • Open the Settings
  • Tap Display
  • Right there, you can switch on the mode you like – Dark or Light
  • Just tap Dark and the mode will be switched right away

If at some point you wish to switch back to Light mode, follow the same steps and tap Light. The mode will switch instantly.

Method 2: Quick panel

This is the method many users prefer because it is a bit faster. All you need to do is swipe down twice from the top of the phone’s screen. You will see many options there. Find Dark mode. Once you do, just tap on it, and the mode will change.

There it is. As you can see, changing the mode on your S20 Ultra is pretty simple. You can do it through Settings or through Quick panel, it’s up to you. Both methods require just a couple of seconds.