How to Hide Your Pics on Google Photos

You must have wished several times that you could hide your intimate photographs on your smartphone. Do you wish to know how to hide photos in Google Photos app? However, with the launch of the new feature, you can now hide photos in the Google Photos private folder.

With the automatic backup feature of the Google Photos, the users are provided with the option to manage their photographs on a daily basis. While it might offer the ease of all your pictures getting stored up in the Google cloud, there is also the burden of your confidential images popping in front of others accidentally. This could be an embarrassing situation for you. Therefore, there is a high need of safeguarding your images by hiding them on Google Photos.

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Archive –Google Photos Private Folder

Google Photos private folder

Google Photos app has launched a feature known as the Archive which is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. The best part of it is that it is highly simple to use and it makes it easier for you to manage your images in a more private manner.

How to Hide Google Photos from Gallery?

  • If you wish to save some pictures but do not want others to see them on your smartphone, you can simply select the particular images on the Google Photos app. Google Photos private folder
  • Once you have selected them, you can press the menu button. This button is located on the upper right-hand side corner of the app.
  • Here, you would come across a notice that says “Archive”. Once this icon pops up on the bottom of your screen, you can click on the same.

By doing this, all your selected photos would go automatically from the main feed into the Google Photos private folder. This folder is easily accessible by you and no one else can see your private images. Whenever you would wish to access the images, you can go to the main menu icon on the Google Photos app. From the menu that displays the option Archive, you can select the same. This Google Photos private folder would open up and you can view the confidential images. Moreover, all your images are sorted in the chronological order.

It is to be noted that saving your selected images in the Archive folder of the Google Photos app merely hides them and does not delete them from the Google Photos account. The Archive feature of the Google Photos app has primarily been designed with an intent to de-clutter the Photos app. You can use it to your advantage by using it as a Google Photos private folder. 9to5 Google reports that the photos would still appear on the album and would appear in the search result of the Google Photos app. Therefore, it is recommended that the best way to prevent any unauthorized or unintended user from seeing your intimate images is to delete them for good.

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