Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips and Tricks

Every Galaxy Note user wants to know all the ways that they could tinker with their phone and get more out of it. It is just something that they never get tired of. And with the release of the Samsung Galaxy note 4, that urge to tinker has increased even more. It is not just the software, but also the hardware that we could optimize according to our needs. So, for our pleasure and rightfully yours, we have gathered a few Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tips and tricks that are at your service. Here they are :

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tips and Tricks

galaxy note 4 tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tips and tricks (Image 1)

Increase the security of your phone with your fingerprint

Remember that someone said that your fingerprints cannot be cloned or imitated, well guess what, they were right (I clearly don’t remember who said that. Maybe in a movie or something. Comment below and let me know). That fingerprint scanner under the home button, it’s still there. So while it is there, why not take advantage of it to increase the security of your phone.

So before you do anything else, go to Settings and register your fingerprint. Use whichever finger you want, just make sure that those are your fingers and not anything else. Though I will have to admit that the fingerprint scanner is not as great as the TouchID on the iPhone, but it does gets the job done.

That charging cable has bumps to tell you which way to insert it

This is mainly to prevent the damage you do with your own hands and even without your knowledge. And let’s just accept it, we’ve all been there, in the dark, trying to identify which side or way to plug the charger into our phone. Heck, I even found an image in which a guy was drunk and he accidentally plugged the charger vice versa.

That’s the reason why those bumps are there. Whenever in dark or drunk, just feel those bumps and know where to insert that charger cable and you’re done with it.

A few taps, and you’re done with that Briefing thing

Let me be honest here. That Briefing app or screen pane, is just not useful because Flipboard is already there and we just have got a habit of using it. So if you don’t want it there, you can just get rid of it in a couple of taps.

When you’re on the homescreen, tap and hold on the Recents key or on an empty space on your homescreen. Then select the Home screen settings option. From there, you can then simply uncheck the Flipboard Briefing option and it’ll never show up there again (unless your kid accidentally turns that on).

Turn off the Camera shortcut on the lock screen to increase your security

Security is the most important thing here. You’ll notice that there are a few quick launch option right on the bottom of the lock screen, and one of them is the Camera option on the bottom right side. It’s there by default and you can still use it even without entering your PIN code, pattern or fingerprint. While this cannot pose a major security threat because you still won’t be able to view previous pictures from there, but to be honest, a savvy hacker can still get into your phone from there.

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So here’s what you do – head over to the lock screen settings, and uncheck the Camera shortcut. And that’s it, end of the story.


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