6 Best Free Movie Apps For Streaming Movies And TV Shows

Streaming apps are available for both Android and iOS. This article will list some of the best free movie apps

Thanks to technology, we can now enjoy movies and other TV shows on our smartphones while on the go. And it now eliminates the need to sit in front of the TV to watch TV shows or movies. Instead, you can install one of the streaming apps on the phone and stream any content of your choice. 

Streaming apps are available for both Android and iOS. This article will list some of the best free movie apps to stream movies and TV shows. While some of the apps mentioned here require paid subscriptions, some are entirely free. 

6 Free Movie Apps For Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Let's see some of the best free movie apps to stream shows and movies on your Android phone or iOS device.



Youtube is popularly known for streaming music; however, it allows its users to stream movies from its wide selection of award-winning films as well.  

There are several free movies available on Youtube that you can watch supported by ads; however, there is also the option of buying and even renting movies for streaming. 

Most devices support the Youtube app, and you can download the app from the app stores and enjoy these timeless hits from the comfort of your home.


Download YouTube For Android


Download YouTube For iOS



Kodi is undoubtedly the best choice if you are in search of a free movie app for streaming TV shows and movies on both iOS and Android Devices. 

It is not limited to just TV shows or movies, but you can also enjoy music, sports, and viral videos on this app. Once the files are stored in Kodi, creating what is known as the repository, several add-ons have to be installed before you can successfully watch movies and tv shows. 

This app is entirely free, so you will not be required to spend a single penny from your pocket. The installation and setup process is time-consuming. However, it is definitely worth the hassle. 


You can download the Kodi app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Download Kodi




The Tubi app is an ad-supported platform that offers its viewers a wide selection of premium movies and TV shows. You can stream movies in high definition from almost every device, and to top it all off, streaming is free, no subscription required.

Tubi is available in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand. 

You can download Tubi for your Android and iOS devices.


Download Tubi For Android

Download Tubi For iOS




More than 25 million people are using Crackle, which indicates this app's popularity. Crackle is mainly available to all those residing in North America, South America, and Australia. 

Apart from having a massive collection of movies, TV shows, and anime, they are unique because their library also consists of several original contents, which is why many users are using it to stream. It also allows you to sort the movies based on different genres, making searching for a film easier and quicker.


Download Crackle for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store by clicking on the link below.

Download Crackle For Android

Download Crackle For iOS


Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an online streaming platform with over 250 free TV channels and thousands of popular movies and TV shows. It is the ideal pick if you are looking for somewhere to watch live movies, as there are specific channels dedicated to just that. 

It is available in the United States, the rest of the Americas, and Europe.


Download Pluto TV For Android

Download Pluto TV For iOS


Popcorn Flix

No subscription is required; grab your popcorn! Even though the name is very similar to Netflix, it is an entirely different app through which you can stream movies and tv series for free. As per their claim, a new movie is added every day, so you will have plenty of options while searching for the best movies and TV shows.

The interface is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Popcorn Flix is not available in all regions, so a VPN is required to stream in some countries.

Download it from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Download Popcorn Flix For Android

Download Popcorn Flix For iOS


So, these are the best free movie apps to stream movies and TV shows on your Android and iOS devices. Most of the apps we have listed here are free, so all you need to do is get them on your smartphone and make life much more entertaining.

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