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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging Issue

Not charging or slow charging is a very common issue of most of the android devices, and it’s true for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well. A lot of users are facing this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging issue. If you are one of those users, here are some fixes that can be followed in order to fix the issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging

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Potential Fixes For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging Issue

There could be several reasons for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging issue, and the solutions are listed below: You can also read battery saving tips for android devices to extend the battery life of your device.


Step 1: Use the correct charger

First, ensure you are using the Samsung charger and cable that you got with your Galaxy Note 4 device when you bought it. The reason is different chargers have different voltage ratings and another charger might not work out for the Galaxy Note 4.

Also, if the phone is charging from your Laptop or PC, try to charge it from a wall socket.


 Step 2: Let the device charge for a while before using it

Sometimes what happens is the battery of Galaxy Note 4 gets entirely drained and it takes few minutes for the charging to take effects. So, it is suggested to leave the phone at least for 30 minutes charging before you attempt to use it.


Step 3: Fix USB port

The first step is to check the USB port as the problem may occur if the MicroUSB charger and the USB port are not making good contact. It could be a manufacturing problem or may happen because of continuous plugging and unplugging.

So, take out the battery from the phone after turning it off. Take a small thing like a toothpick and level up the tab inside the USB port of your phone. Now put in the battery back and check.


Step 4: Change the cable

If the previous steps did not work to solve Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging issue, then the charging cable might be faulty. So try with another charger and see. If the charging cable seems fine, then check the wall adapter.

Step 5: Clean the port

Sometimes, dirt gets stored in the charging port, and it blocks the connection. In result, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging issue occurs. So take a look and if you see any debris is there, clean it using a small pin but do it carefully.


Step 6: Update or rollback the OS

The Android version plays a great role. So, if you are using the older version of Android, upgrade to the latest version to see if the problem is resolved. But if the case is reverse, and you already updated it and since then facing this issue, you should rollback to the earlier version to resolve the issue.

Step 7: Check battery

If all the above steps do not work, then you may have a defective battery. Take the battery out and try with another battery if you have it and see. If it works normally, replace the battery and everything will work perfectly. 



  1. Poor quality ! Samsung has had this issue for a long time as I’m a long time user of their products! But the battery issues when charging/not charging shouldn’t even be happening! Nothing wrong with how I handle/use my product so why won’t my phone charge? Although it attempts it, it constantly loops! Trying to charge! Took the steps outlined above to no avail so now I’m going to be out of pocket again to try for a repair! Its outrageous in this day and age that company as big as samsung still has not given/worked on a suitable solution in their faulty products! Do they not care? Just bang out millions of products regardless of quality? No longer buying anything from samsung ever again – been out of pocket for too long whilst they are making more and more – thank you samsung for adding to my stresses

  2. I have samsung note 4, i am facing charging issues it charge well when i connect cable with PC or Leptop but i am not able to charge my cell phone in wall charger or socket, he dont charge in electric charger. please help me for resolving this issue.thanks

  3. For all those saying it’s a power button issue in my case it’s not. When connected to a wall charger it will not charge and when switched off and connected does the familiar vibrate and no charging. However my fix was to plug the USB lead into my laptop or computer. As soon as I did that the damn thing charges happily as long as it’s powered on. So if yours is doing it. Plug into your pc or laptop before the battery dies altogether and then this fix won’t work

  4. please help. i connected my phone to a portable battery and then to a car charger and when i tried charging it to my wall mount charger it wont charge. i am only able to charge my cell when i plug it inn to my laptop

    1. That’s strange. It sounds like an issue with the wall charger, but did it all work well before you connected your phone to a portable battery?

  5. I think it could be firmware related. I could charge my GT-N7000 just fine with the Jellybean 4.1.2 firmware , as soon as I upgraded it wouldn’t charge using a normal adapter. I have to charge my note using my laptop, and I still have this connector issue, where I have to connect it to the right or it disconnects. I am looking into installing a note 4 charging port in my note.

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