How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness

One of the common  problem on the Samsung galaxy is the Photo gallery responding slowly, lagging and freezing unconditionally on a regular basic. The reason for Samsung Galaxy Slowing down on you periodically is said  to be issues with pre-installed apps, incorrect firmwares and  saturated cache data’s. Most Samsung Galaxy s3 comes with two photo apps pre-installed  ,The gallery photo viewer and the default Android Photo Viewer.

The most prominent occurrence of Slowness and Freezing issues derived from the gallery app. This error is often said to trigger another error message “ Not enough spaceDelete unnecessary items such as download software, videos and documents.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness

If you  recently updated OTA to 4.1.2 , you may most likely get Gallery Slowness issues due to the incompatible version with the smartphone, but subsequently an update was released to tackle this problem.Slowness of the Galaxy gallery app can be :Storage Saturation, Cache  memory obstruction and apps

Please follow the methods and steps below  To Fix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness 


1 Storage Saturation – Fix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness

The Samsung galaxy phone’s most time inform you when you are close to your storage while few times it don’t give an alert. Deleting unnecessary files and clearing RAM will solve the Samsung  Galaxy  gallery Slowness issue

Navigate to



>Uninstall unnecessary Apps, videos, files and pictures


>Hold the home button for 3 seconds

>Task Manager

>Clear RAM/Memory


>Double tap home button

>click Menu

>Then select settings

>Turn off open Via home key


Navigate to




>click Build number

>Then tap build # 7 times

>This will turn developer

>Navigate to developer option

Then turn off

—-Windows animation scale

—— Transistion Animation scale

——-Animation duration scale

——Simulate secondary display

by Turning off all of this will not only fix your Samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note 3 any other Samsung series gallery sowlness/Lagging but it will also optimize the overall response time of the Handset  

If this step doesn’t fix the lagging and the freezing issue with your Samsung galaxy , then follow steps below

2 Cache  memory SaturatedFix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness

By clearing your data cache and your gallery app cache can massively increase your galaxy performance .

Navigate to


>Application Manger


>Locate Camera app

>click on it and clear data

> Locate Instagram App

>Clear cache

Locate Gallery App

>Clear Data

Then restart your phone

3 Installed Application  Fix Samsung Galaxy Gallery Slowness

Most People has been succeful deleting the instagram app.

Uninstall the Instagram application and see if the slowness/lagging/freezing when opening the Gallery app still exist.

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