How To Fix Nexus 6 Random Reboots

For every smartphone user, even the smallest glitch on their device is irritating, but nothing compares to random reboots. When this problem occurs, you can’t use your smartphone normally because you never know when it will restart again, and when it does, you need to wait for it to boot again. Some Nexus 6 owners complained about this problem. In most cases, the rogue app is to blame. Let’s see what you can do to fix Nexus 6 random reboots.

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Ways to fix Nexus 6 random reboots


Steps to take if your device reboots when you are using a specific app

If your device reboots when you launch or use a specific app, there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Clear app cache and data – Go to Settings > Apps > Tap on the app > Tap Storage > Click Clear Cache, and if that doesn’t help, go back to Apps, tap on the app and click Clear Data.
  2. Update the app – Open the Play Store, open the menu by tapping on three horizontal lines, tap on “My apps & games”, find the app and tap Update
  3. Remove the app – Find the app’s icon on the Home screen, tap and hold it and drag it to “Uninstall” field. You can install the app again, and if the problem appears, remove it and replace it with some other similar app (if there is such app in Play Store).


Clear the app cache for all the apps

Do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Storage
  • Tap Cached Data


Update all apps

To do this, open the Play Store app, tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu. Click on “My apps & games” and tap “Update all”.


System update

System updates should not be ignored because they are essential for the smooth performance of your Nexus 6. Updates introduce new features, bring improvements and fix the issues. Go to Settings > About phone > System updates and tap Check for update. If there is an update available for download, tap Install and follow a few on-screen steps.


Safe mode

The next step is to boot your device into Safe mode, to see if one of the third-party apps causing the problem. The apps you downloaded will be disabled in the safe mode, so you can monitor the performance of your device. If everything works normally, the rogue application is the problem. You can uninstall all third-party apps, one at the time until the problem is resolved, or, if you have too many apps on your device you can perform factory data reset (we will talk about it right after Safe mode). To boot your device into safe mode, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure the screen is turned on
  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Select and hold Power off
  • Tap Reboot to Safe mode and then tap OK

To exit the safe mode, restart your smartphone.


Factory data reset

If the previous solutions didn’t fix the problem, and if your device is still rebooting, you can perform factory data reset. This will delete all third-party apps, personal settings and it will restore your device to its factory settings. Before you begin, make sure to backup your data and connect your device to a power source (this may take some time). Do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Click Backup & reset
  • Click on Factory data reset
  • Tap Reset phone
  • If you set a screen lock on your Nexus 6, enter the password, pin or pattern
  • Click Erase everything
  • When the process is finished, select the “Restart” option





Image Source: YouTube / DetroitBORG

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