How To Fix Moto G4 Battery Life Issues

Moto G4 is a great device from Motorola that has won the hearts of many users by its amazing specs, features and powerful performance. This device is highly affordable compared to similar devices. Even though this device has many qualities, it comes with some bugs, same as any other smartphone out there. Moto G4 battery life is one of such issues faced by some users. This is probably one of the most common problems in the smartphone world. Let’s see how you can fix it.

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Before jumping into the fixes for the issue, here are some basic workaround that all should follow for the wellbeing of your smartphone.

  • Regular break is needed to let the phone cool down, so restart it in every 4-5 days.
  • Do not use the phone when it is charging.
  • Also, use the regular charger rather than using the turbo charger.
  • Keep the device away from hot environment.

Potential fixes for Moto G4 battery drain issue:

Reduce brightness

If the automatic brightness feature is on in your Moto G4 device, this is a strong reason to drain the excessive amount of battery, thus, the Moto G4 battery life issue may appear. Go to Settings, turn off the Automatic brightness feature and set it to a lower level which will no doubt have good impact on the battery life.


Turn off the location services

Do you keep the location service feature on in your Moto G4 at all times? Then it will eat a great amount of battery as this service makes use of mobile network, GPS and Wi-Fi in order to provide you with the correct location which is really needed sometimes. So, while it might be a bit difficult to turn off location service entirely, the best advice is to turn on the power saving mode and onboard device GPS which will extend the battery life as well as will help you with location information in need.


Close the background apps

Too many apps running in the background is another reason why Moto G4 battery drains fast There are some apps that just start running as soon as the device is switched on. So, check what the unnecessary apps are running in the background, close them and also the unused apps are better to remove from the handset.


Reboot the device in safe mode

While there might be several other reasons for the Moto G4 battery life issues, rouge app too can be the cause of this problem. So, reboot the phone in safe mode and see if the fast battery drains issue is resolved now. If yes, then nothing but any third party app is the real culprit which is to be finding out and uninstalled from your Motorola handset.

To boot the device in Safe mode, press down the power key and then power off option for few seconds. It will show you reboot the phone option; tap ok and device will be restarted. Next, safe mode will be displayed in the screen.


Update the phone

A software update helps the phone run smoothly which automatically reduce the strain on the device’s battery and thus solves many issues like poor battery life, overheating etc. So, check if any recent update is available and then upgrade your device to the latest version available.


These are the main fixes for battery life issue in Moto G4.  If followed all the steps clearly, it will definitely extend the battery life of your smartphone.

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