How to Fix LG G6 Battery Life Issues

LG G6 is a great phone no doubt, but like every other mobile device out there, it has got its limitation; it can be negatively affected by fast-draining battery, which will leave the phone almost useless; a mobile device is as useless as they come if its battery does not last long. All the features and functions of the LG G6 phone depend on the battery. If you feel battery is being drained fast on your LG G6 phone, you can carry out some modifications to correct this perceived anomaly.  In this write-up, you are going to learn about how to fix battery life issue on LG G6. If the 3300mAh capacity of the battery seems too small for you and you would want to make it last longer, then the information here will prove helpful.

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Fix battery life issues on LG G6

Check for those battery-hungry apps

Some apps consume much battery life. Do not forget that Android devices, one of which is the LG G6 phone, are designed to allow apps to run in the background. This factor alone makes these apps to consume power, and you will see your device’s battery draining fast. Be that as it may, you can stop the culprit apps from running in the background. To find out about those apps that consume much battery, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to Battery & Power Saving
  • Next, tap on the Battery Usage button, and this will show you which of the apps is consuming much battery life.

If the app is not an essential one and you can do without it running in the background. You can click on the Stop button; this is one of the most effective methods on how to fix LG G6 Battery life issues.

Time to disable or uninstall useless bloatware

The battery life issues can also be solved by disabling any bloatware on the LG G6 phone that you are not using so that you can conserve some of its 3,300mAh battery capacity. Many of the bloatware come preinstalled on the device and, they are also automatically enabled. Consequently, they run in the background and consume battery life. However, you can disable or uninstall them to save your battery from their ever-hungry jaws. These unused apps are many on devices; they can be up to twelve on your LG G6 phone, depending on where you bought the device. How can you disable or uninstall the bloatware? Follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on Apps
  • Scroll down through the list of apps and tap on any of them that you want to disable or uninstall.
  • After tapping on that particular app, you will see Disable or Uninstall in front of it.
  • If you click on Disable, it will turn off the app. But if you click on uninstall, it will completely remove the app from your device.

how to fix battery life issue on LG G6

Turn off unused Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connections

Do you regularly use your Wi-Fi? If not, it is time to turn it off so as to save more battery life; this will help in fixing battery issue on LG G6 to a great extent. The same thing applies to your Bluetooth and other connections that are not being used on your device. You can always turn them on again whenever you need to use them. This may not work for those who make use of their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi all day long. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be used to locate your phone. However, you can still have them on while the system is prevented from using them for location. How can you do this? Check the steps below for guidance:

  • Click on Settings
  • Then click on Location
  • Next, click on Overflow menu, which is located at the top-right corner
  • After, tap on Scanning
  • Next thing to do is to uncheck the Bluetooth scanning and Wi-Fi scanning to save some battery life.

You need to know that this modification will prevent your phone from easily locating itself anytime you are running an app requiring location information

Configuring battery saver mode

This is also a helpful tip to fix battery life issue on LG G6 phone. LG devices come with one-level battery saver mode that is also very easy to configure. You can use the quick notification settings to enable it, and you can configure it to automatically come on when the battery reaches 5% or 15% power level.  This means the battery saver mode will switch on immediately the battery remains either 15% or 5%. What happens when the battery saver mode turns on?

  • Brightness will be automatically reduced
  • Vibrations get reduced all through the system
  • Apps will also be restricted when they run in the background.

You will be notified immediately the battery saver mode comes on so that you can know what is going on. The battery saver mode turns off automatically when you plug in your battery charger.

Modify your display settings

The Smartphone is made smarter by the day, and they now feature more efficient displays. However, the more efficient the display is, the more battery life gets consumed.  The LG G6 phone comes with a fairly large display and lighting it up requires much battery power. You can modify the display settings to reduce battery consumption.  How can you do this to fix battery life issue on LG G6 phone?  Check the steps below:

  • Click on Settings
  • Then look for Display
  • You will be presented with three options, which are Brightness, Always-on Display, and Screen timeout.
  • Choose any of them according to your preferences.

Power consumption reduces when the brightness is reduced. You can set a “daily timeout” for the always-on display to choose when it turns on, or you can turn it off completely. The longer your screen stays lit, the more battery power the phone consumes.  If your screen stays on for a long period, just change the period to something shorter.

Turn off Google automatic update

Keeping Google update always on will drain battery life in the LG G6 phone.  In your search for how to fix LG G6 battery life issues, check for all the auto-update apps available on your device and turn them off. This can be done from the Google Play Store settings. It will stop your phone from scanning and from downloading updates to the apps already installed on your device

  • In the Play Store settings, click on Auto-update asp
  • Then select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only
  • This setting prevents the phone from downloading the app until you are connected to Wi-Fi. It will also prevent battery consumption until Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.

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