How to fix Google play store no connection freedom

This is one common error that the users face most of the time when they install the Freedom app and then Google pay store stops working by saying No connection even though the net is working properly. This error can be fixed in many ways, and the methods are explained below.

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How to fix Google play store no connection freedom

How to fix Google play store no connection freedom

Methods to fix Google play store No connection Freedom


First method:

Clearing the cache and data can help you fix Google Play store No connection freedom. First, go to the Google play store from settings and click the Force stop button. Then click the clear cache and clear data button and restart your phone. The error might be fixed now.


Second method:

Check the date and time zone and set it correctly. The users in the USA have to change the time zone after installing the freedom app in their devices. This might be one great reason of the NO connection error. So try to download some app from Google play store to see if the problem is solved or not.


Third method:

Resetting the device might be a great help to fix Google play store no connection freedom. So try this also.


Fourth method:

This method requires Root explorer to solve the issue. This is a step by step process following which you can get rid of the problem.

  • First, you need to set the File system to Mount r/w and then navigate from root to system/ etc.
  • Find the host File (no extension) there and modify it after keeping a backup of this file.
  • Launch the host file then in Text editor.
  • There will be two IP addresses. Add # in the second IP address which will look like- #
  • Save it and restart your phone. The process is completed.

Fifth method:

Remove everything from second ip address to the end and then save the host file. Now restart your phone and see if the problem is fixed.

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