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How To Fix Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On Issue

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the latest devices from Samsung that came with a huge price tag while the features and functionalities the company has incorporated are super exciting. Electronic gadgets are prone to face issues and many of the problems can be resolved following some simple tricks.

Some readers reported the issue saying their Galaxy S8 won’t turn on. It is must to mention here that in most cases, it is just a small hitch which can be solved easily. So, do not rush to the store, go through all the possible solutions stated here and then try implementing them one by one to get back the phone into normal operating conditions.

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Potential Fixes For Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On Issue

There are several useful methods to fix this issue and all of them are listed below.

Solution 1: Hit the power button correctly

While this may sound a bit weird to you but this should be the first step to perform if your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on. If you are pressing the power button improperly it may cause the device not to turn on. So, to ensure you are not to blame for this issue, try hitting the power button several times and see if the device is turned on. If this does not help you in resolving the issue, then move to the second method explained here.

Solution 2: Soft reset/Forced reboot

On the smartphones equipped with a removable battery, performing a restart or force reboot is very simple and require the users to pull out the battery, wait for few seconds and then reinsert the battery to turn it back on. However, this is not applicable on the Galaxy S8 as it comes packed with a non-removable battery. So, in order to perform force reboot or soft reset in the device which you are required to do is just press down the Volume down and power button altogether for around 7-10 seconds. In case there is a minor firmware issue in the device, it will get resolved by this process and the Galaxy S8 will start normally. But if the device remains unresponsive, then move to the next method.

Solution 3: Charge your Samsung Galaxy S8

Another reason why Galaxy S8 won’t turn on might be the device is running out of power and no power is left in the device. So, first put the device in charge for at least five minutes and then see if that charging sign is noticed on the screen of your Galaxy S8. Also, remember to use the charger that came packed with the device. Again notice if the LED light at the top of the display is turning up or not. These two are the sign of charging. If these two signs are noticed then the phone is charging. So, let it charge for a few minutes and then hit the power button to see if that resolves that Galaxy S8 won’t turn on issue. But if the phone still refuses to turn on then follow the next method.

Solution 4: Boot in safe mode

There might be a culprit app to cause this issue and this can be tested by turning the device into safe mode. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off the Galaxy S8 completely
  • Next press and hold down the Power button till you see the Samsung logo appears on the screen
  • Once Samsung appears, release the Power key and press down the Volume down button till the device completes restarting
  • Now, as the restart is done, safe mode will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Check if the device is performing normally in this mode. If yes, then remember what all third party apps you have installed before facing this issue and keep uninstalling them one by one till the issue is fixed.

But if you are not able to boot the phone in safe mode, then follow the next method.

Solution 5: Boot the device in Recovery mode

  • Press down the Power button, Bixby button, and Volume up button altogether for few second till the phone vibrates
  • Once the phone vibrates, release the power key but continue pressing the other two keys
  • After few second the Android Recovery screen will appear
  • Release the keys
  • Now highlight the option cache partition using the Volume button and select that using the power button. Your phone will clear the cache and restart.

Note- You will find the Bixby button at the left edge of your Galaxy S8, near the Volume Up and Down buttons.

These are the methods which you can try implementing to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on issue. And in case your device remains unresponsive, go for a replacement.

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  1. The screen of my Samsung galaxy S8+ became dark while I was chatting. the button sounds are still active. The phone still rings and I can pick calls. But nothing is showing on the screen. It still charges with red light on and blue light indicator when charging is completed. i can still access the contents of the phone on my laptop using the phone’s connecting cord. I have tried using the volume down button and power button reactivation mode, it still won’t come up. I got the oh one NEW by December last year. I need a help, please. Kindly assist

  2. my Samsung galaxy s8 will not turn on. it has plenty of battery. it gets to the black screen that says Samsung galaxy s8 powered by android, acts like it will turn on then shuts off again. then it keeps doing that. tried all these tips and it gets to blue robot screen that says something about installing system update then right back to black screen. any tips? the phone is less than a year old. please help

  3. The worse phone I had Samsung galaxy 8+, will not charge, using its charger, now after charging all night ,is dead, won’t turn on.
    Never again a Samsung, even as a gift, is trash.

  4. I am on a snowmobile trip 5 hours away from home and thank goodness for your help because I could not get my phone back on. Just what I needed!

  5. one suggested fix that you didn’t mention is that when the charging port gets worn down it does not connect inside. so you can pull the usb fitting out half way until it feels firm, then let it charge.

  6. I turned on my s8 today and gave it my pass code. It is now stuck with the open padlock symbol circling and has been for ages. Can’t turn it off and of course I can’t remove it’s battery as last ditch cure!
    What can I do !?

  7. Please explain how one is to turn off a phone completely if it won’t respond when trying to turn on?
    If tried soft reset, ive tried charging for HOURS, and nothing. There is a Blue LED indication light that flashes about every 5 seconds but it is completely unresponsive. I Switched to the S8 from LG about 2 months ago and i’m starting to regret it immensely.

  8. My 3 month old S8+ has performed flawlessly until today. Pulled it out of my pocket and the screen was off, power button did nothing. It was the end of the day and I did NOT want to go to a phone vendor to stand in line. Your soft reset solved the problem and all appears good so far. Thanks for your publication of this solution!

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