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How to Fix Galaxy Note 4 Speaker not Working Issue

The main common problem of Samsung Galaxy related to the speaker is- no sound at all or low sound or unclear sound. There may be various reasons of not working the Galaxy speaker. The reasons can be listed as:

> There may be dust on the speaker.

> It may happen due to any damage to the speaker caused by water or any other liquid.

> The reason can be short primary capacitor or faulty secondary capacitor

> Damaged audio IC or audio IC coil.

> If any connection such as on board connector or speaker terminal is broken.

Galaxy Note 4 Speaker not Working Issue
Galaxy Note 4 Speaker not Working Issue

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If the problem is regarding low sound or distorted sound, then you can fix Galaxy Note 4 speaker not working issue by cleaning the net of the speaker. Furthermore, restart your phone and check the volume level. If you still face the issue, then you need to change the speaker.

However, if there is no sound at all, then you can fix Galaxy Note 4 speaker not working issue by following the steps.

Steps to fix no sound issue:

> First try a new speaker.

> If the problem is still there, then the on board connector and strip connector of the speaker need to be cleaned properly.

> Now check both the capacitors 2 with first and second pin of on board connector.

> Check the capacitor 1 and find out if it is short.

> Then check connection between each pin of on board connector and speaker terminal. The second pin of connector should be connected to –ve terminal of speaker, and the third pin of connector should be with + ve terminal of the speaker.

> The Audio IC’s coil needs to be checked now with capacitor 1.

> If nothing works out, then heat the Audio IC and see the result. If the result is still same, then replace it to fix Galaxy Note 4 speaker not working issue.


  1. I have Note 4 speaker was changed, but still no sound. You can hear sound over Blue tooth or headphones. Tried to reset but get error after I press reboot, but it still reboot with no sound problem. Can this be fixed

    1. Please make a video clip with audio and record your voice for sometime. Now play the recording on external speakers. If you can hear the audio, then there is no problem with the speaker. But if you cannot hear, then conduct a factory reset. But if nothing works, then please contact a technician.

        1. Here are some methods that you can follow:
          1. Restart your Galaxy note 4
          2. Update your phone to the latest software going to Settings > About device > Software update > check for updates.
          3. Sometimes this problem may occur due to moisture, so turn off the phone and take out battery and sim card. Then dry the phone for 1 day.
          4. Turn off Bluetooth connection.
          If nothing works for you, then I would suggest to contact a technician and check if there is any hardware issue.

  2. I have a galaxy note 4 and I can only hear the other person that calls me when my speaker is on could anyone tell me how to fix it or something to try.

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