How to fix Galaxy Note 4 GPS Lost Constantly

If you are holding a Galaxy Note 4 and suffering from poor GPS signal or constant signal lost, then the problem can be fixed in various ways. Here I will share few ways to fix Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost constantly.

Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal

Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal

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Here is how you can fix Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost constantly


Method 1:

Check your GPS functionality if it is working properly or not. For that, you need to install the GPS Test app from Google play on the stock operating system for testing the GPS function.

Download GPS Test App 


Method 2:

This is another method to fix Galaxy Note 4 GPS signal lost constantly. You can go for this method if other methods fail to solve the issue.

  • First, download GPSfix by clicking on the link.
  • This is a zip file. So unzip the file
  • Now you need to copy the files to the corresponding location.
  • The permission of the files should be changed to rw-r-r-
  • Reboot your phone after confirming that the owner of the files is root.

But before starting the process you need to take a backup of some important files, and these are:

  1. /system/lib/hw/
  2. /system/lib/hw/
  3. /system/lib/
  4. /system/lib/
  5. /system/lib/
  6. /system/etc/gps. Conf


Method 3:

Another solution is to clear Google Maps cache and data. To do that, navigate to Settings, tap Application Manager and find Google Maps. Tap on it and then tap Clear cache. See if this solved the issue. If not, navigate to Settings again, tap Application Manager > Google Maps and tap Clear data.


Method 4:

Whenever you have some issues with your device, you should restart it because a simple restart can fix tons of issues, including this one.

Method 5:

Our readers often share the solutions that worked for them.

Here is what one of the readers said:

“Tightening the screws solved it for me!!”

And this is the solution shared by another user:

“I came across a suggestion to tighten the screws of the phone, but I did it a bit differently because the screws were already tight. Here’s what I did to fix it:

-Power off
-Remove back cover
-Remove battery
-Remove SIM
-Remove SD card
-Remove all screws
-Hold top of phone in left-hand and bottom of phone in right-hand and counter-rotate hands in a wringing motion to gently flex the phone. Not too much, but just enough to get things moving slightly. Do this a few times.
-Replace SD card
-Replace SIM
-Place phone face down on a clean soft surface and gently press down with thumbs on every surface except the SIM, SD and battery area. Use firm pressure, but don’t overdo it – just enough to reseat whatever is underneath. Also do this on the exposed areas where the metal contacts show through plastic cutouts.
-Gently press down on the SIM and SD areas, but do not crush the metal covers – just enough pressure to flex the metal without bending them, and you will hear the SIM contacts make a few sounds – this is ok.
-Replace all screws
-Replace battery
-Replace cover
-Power on the phone
-If you don’t already have GPS Test from Chartcross Limited, install it (you can use any GPS app you like, but this one is free and will show you the signal strengths).
-Run GPS Test and wait for a GPS FIX. You should see the satellites on a bar chart with colors, which should be at least yellow or green. Then the status should change to 3D Fix.

Ever since I did this, Google Maps now works (as opposed to location indicator blinking all or most of the time and chewing through my battery). I can drive again!”


Method 6:

If nothing else seems to work, you can perform a factory data reset. It will delete all the data on your device, so create a backup first, and then proceed with the factory reset.

  • First, go to the app drawer
  • Find out Settings and select that option
  • Go down to find the General tab and tap it
  • Choose Back up and reset
  • Then choose factory data reset.
  • Select reset the device after going through the warnings
  • Now select ‘Delete All’ to reset your device
  • The phone will restart 

Now you can add the Google account that you use. You can get back all the data from there.

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