How to fix “Charging paused voltage too high” problem on Samsung Note


Samsung galaxy note is the thinnest device on the market with 9.65 mm thickness. It is thinner than many other smartphones that have been launched on the market. The weight of this device is 178 grams. This weight and shape make Samsung Galaxy note stylish and pocket friendly. It came with 5.3-inch display and also equipped with front facing 2 mega pixel camera. You will get to see few changes in design in the Samsung Galaxy Note from the Galaxy S2. In Note, the edges are tapered with metallic materials instead of black one that you have seen on Samsung Galaxy S2. The device came with many interesting features, including 8 mega pixel rear camera, 3.5 mm audio jack and more.

When the “Charging paused voltage too high” message is appearing on Samsung Note?


Charging paused voltage too high

Charging paused voltage too high

Though Samsung Galaxy Note came up with many attractive features, but some of the users are facing a problem with their Note. The problem is occurring when they are disconnecting charger from the Samsung Note. It is prompting with a message Charging paused voltage too high on the screen. Users have reported that the messageCharging paused voltage too highkeeps on showing every minute after they disconnected the charger. But when they are connecting the charger again with the device, the message is disappearing and the Note is charging again as normal. Users have also reported that if they power off the charger without disconnecting from the Note, then also this message is not showing. Some users have stated that they tried to charge the phone from their computer, but faced the same problem. They switched off the phone and restart again to see whether the message charging paused voltage too high is appearing at the time of charging. But then also the problem was not resolved.


Steps that will not solve the “Charging paused voltage too high” problem


Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note


Here are few steps that some users have tried to fix theCharging paused voltage too highproblem but the steps have not worked. Users have taken the battery out from the phone and kept the Note dismantled for an hour or more. Then they put the battery in the phone and switched on, but did not work. Some users did hard reset from the phone’s settings. Then also the problem is occurring that is showing charging paused voltage too high message across the screen at the time of charging the Galaxy Note..


How to solve the problem


Samsung galaxy note

Samsung galaxy note

The problem is occurring because of the USB port on your Samsung Note. As the USB port is open into the air, so dust particles are gathering there and creating the problem by short circuiting. When the USB cable is plugged in, it is preventing the short circuit. So what you have to do is to clean the USB port using a piece of paper. The problem was fixed for many users by following this step.


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