How to Fix Battery Issue on iPod nano 1st Generation

iPod was released for the first time in 2001, and it is one of Apple’s devices had a huge impact on everyone who likes to listen to the music wherever they go, same as MP3. In the following years iPod became the most popular music player in the world, with sales that reached over 500 million units until 2014.


Apple keeps on developing these devices in several variants, including variant that is a bit more compact, named iPod nano.

iPod nano was released in 2005 and became extremely popular, with its amazing design. iPod nano is an alternative device for the larger iPod, which is known as the iPod Classic. Until 2015, the iPod nano has reached the seventh generation and it has completely different design.


iPod as a media player mobile device must have a battery as a power source. By the time, the battery will start to diminish, and after some period of time, usually a couple of years, you will notice that it lasts for a lot shorter period of time. This happens on the iPod nano 1st generation. If you still use the same device, because you like its design and concept, I am sure that you are wondering how to fix the battery issue on it?

There is good news for iPod nano 1st generation owners, because Apple has launched iPod nano 1st generation replacement program in 2011 that will replace your iPod nano 1st gen for free. Now, as I am writing this article, the program is still valid, but many users don’t know a thing about it.

For further information you can open this link. The information that we want to share is that Apple will replace your iPod nano with iPod nano accordance with the existing supply. Many of my friends already got their replacement. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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  1. it’s really weird… if you have a picture of the iPod please attach to this comment box… we’ve helped user to get their right in our service site, a replacement unit for iPod nano 1st gen. I do not quite know why they did’t accept your request.

  2. Called AppleCare, booked me an appointment with Apple Store, didn’t even solve anything, they said if the Ipod is broken like the battery popping out, then you can get another one, I read forums and watched youtube videos of the replacement call, and there iPod was fine no problem, nothing, working, no damage what so ever. What if the iPod overheats and cause a fire, Apple can be liable and get sued for millions of dollars, I feel so unsafe using the iPod. This is unacceptable customer service, not happy. I might have to sell my iPod and get a new one. 🙁

  3. In 2015 now and the replacement program is bogus now, tried putting my serial number doesn’t work, called apple store not very helpful at all.

    1. hi thomas, the program is still active and has not been declared closed by apple. You should call AppleCare and come to an apple authorized service provider. The condition is iPod nano has not been repaired in UNAUTHORIZED service provider.

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