How to Fix Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue

Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue
Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue

Google’s new update Android Lollipop 5.0 is now available for several android devices, including Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and Nexus 10. This update came up with many features and one of them is Material Design. But the problem is, with many features, there are several bugs as well. Some users who already received android Lollipop update on their Nexus phone are facing several issues.

Some Nexus users have reported about the Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue. Cellular data such as HSPA+ 3G, LTE all these networks are mainly giving problems. If you are also facing this problem, do not be panicked. In this post, I will give you step by step guide on how to fix Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue. So if you face such problem any time, it will be easy for you to solve it. Though the fixes are not guaranteed, but giving a try could solve the issue.

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Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue
Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue

Steps to Fix Android Lollipop Cellular Data Issue

> First turn off the cellular data. To do that, navigate to Settings > More > Cellular Networks.. Turn on the data after 30-40 seconds and check if the problem is solved. If not, then reboot your phone

> you can head to APN (Access Point Name) Settings and update them. It has heard that Lollipop has not been updated properly for some users. In order to access the APN settings, head to Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names. In case you are not sure about your APN settings, it’s better to contact with your carrier.

Read this article for an in depth guide on how to configure your service provider APN

> You can pop the Airplane mode. First turn Airplane mode on and then off it. In the past, this step has solved cellular data issue on Nexus tablets and Smart phones.


  1. Re the cellular/mobile data issue , doing factory reset seems to work and has resolved the issue for me.
    Heres what I did
    1) Go to Settings> More> Mobile Networks> Press Menu button> Reset default preferences
    2) Back up your contacts, sms, call etc etc so that you dont lose them, you can also do this using the Syncit app
    3) Go to Settings> Backup & reset> Factory data reset
    4) Now, wait for the factory reset to complete and then work through the initial set up

    5) Add your email id to the Accounts section ( if you havent already done this in step 4) so for this Go to Settings> Account> Select Google> Enter email & password

    Check if your phone can now connect to the internet

    Good luck !

  2. When I go to Cellular Network Settings -> Access Point Names, I get this; “Access Point Name Settings are not available for this user”.
    How can I solve this?
    I’m using cyanogenmod Android 5.01 on HTC One M7 Sprint

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