Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus problems and how to fix them

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the high-end smartphones on the market as of now. Being the best smartphone offering from Samsung, you will find everything on this smartphone. From the display to the camera, you will not see any compromises with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. With the S9 Plus, you get to enjoy its gorgeous 18:9 bezel-less display that is also curved at the edges. It also has one of the best dual camera setups out there where the primary camera comes with an adjustable aperture. The Galaxy S9 Plus is almost perfect in every aspect except for its software. While Samsung really knows how to make good hardware for a smartphone, their software is not the best. Unfortunately, because of this, there are some issues that can be very frustrating. Here, we are going to list common Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus problems and their fixes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus problems and how to fix them

Problem 1: Apps not in Full Screen

In 2018, most of the newly launched smartphones have a display with  18:9 aspect ratio, allowing the manufacturer to include a larger screen in a comparatively smaller form factor. Apart from that, it can also display more information on the screen at a time since the screen is much longer.

While most of the apps look completely beautiful with the 18:9 screen, some apps require and work best on a 16:9 aspect ratio. Fortunately, with the S9 Plus, you can make all of your apps run in full-screen mode using the option provided by Samsung in the S9 Plus.


  • Go to the ‘Display’ menu in the ‘Settings’ present on your Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • In here, look for the option that says ‘Full-Screen Option’.
  • Now make sure that all of your apps are using the full-screen mode so that they can use the whole 18:9 display.

Problem 2: It takes too long to fully charge

The Galaxy S9 Plus supports fast charging, which means that it can be fully charged faster than an average smartphone. While this is highly beneficial, it stops working on some S9 Plus phones. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this using which you can easily re-enable fast charging by following these steps:


  • Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Head over to the ‘Battery’ section and find the option for ‘Fast Charging’.
  • You have to enable the ‘Fast Charging’ option after which your phone will charge much faster.
  • Now whenever you will charge your S9 Plus, it will display a fast charging text on the bottom of your lock screen.

Problem 3: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wi-Fi Problems

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus user, then chances are that you are facing issues with the Wi-Fi reception. These issues include low internet speeds, connection drops or not being able to find a particular wireless network on your S9 Plus. Thankfully, you can easily fix all of these issues by following these instructions:


  • Most probably it is your Wi-Fi router that is causing all of the issues related to the wireless network on your S9 Plus. So, before you try out any other method, it is highly recommended that you restart your Wi-Fi router.
  • If that doesn’t seem helpful for your device, then you should re-enter the network details on your Galaxy S9 Plus. For this, you have to first open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and long tap on the wireless network that is having problems. Now select ‘Forget Network’ which will delete the network from your phone. At last, simply re-connect to the wireless network by entering the correct details once again.
  • In case neither of these methods works for you, the last option is to reset your Wi-Fi router. You can do the following using the user manual that came with your router which hopefully fixes all of your problems related to Wi-Fi on your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Wi-Fi

Problem 4: Messaging App sending Photos automatically

One of the most known bugs with the Galaxy S9 Plus is related to its Messaging app that would send the photos present on your device to your contacts. Such a bug affects the user’s privacy since your phone is sharing personal photos with others, without your acknowledgement. Thankfully, Samsung has already fixed this issue via an OTA update for the S9 Plus. Although if you have not updated your phone and still want to fix this issue, then you can simply go through the following steps in order to fix this bug on your Galaxy S9 Plus:


  • Open the ‘App Info’ settings of the Messaging app on your S9 Plus.
  • Go to the ‘Permissions’ section and turn off storage. The storage permission for this app is now disabled due to which it cannot access your storage and share photos with anyone.

Problem 5: Dark Slow Motion Videos

The super slow motion video feature on the Galaxy S9 Plus is highly popular since it allows its users to record videos at an impressive 960 fps. Even though this feature works pretty well, some users have experienced their slow-motion videos to be quite dark. In other words, their videos are under-exposed and most of the details are not visible. That being said, it is possible to fix this exposure issue by disabling a feature on your S9 Plus by following the steps below.


  • Go the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone.
  • Head to the ‘Advanced Features’ section.
  • Now, disable the ‘Smart Stay’ option that will fix the dark slow motion video issue on your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Problem 6: Galaxy S9 Plus Touchscreen Sensitivity Issues

Some users have seen issues with their touchscreen being insensitive either due to a drop or a screen protector. Even though these are hardware related issues, Samsung has included an option in their phones which allows users to change the sensitivity of the touchscreen, so that they can easily fix issues like these. To fix you screen’s sensitivity you have to follow the steps below for your Galaxy S9 Plus.


  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app of your Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Open the ‘Advanced Features’ which contains the touch sensitivity options.
  • Now, using the ‘Touch Sensitivity’ option, you can easily adjust the touchscreen sensitivity of your S9 Plus. After this, you will not face any such issues.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Touch screen

Problem 7: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Audio Problems due to Wet Speaker

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the few smartphones out there which are IP68 rated. This means that this phone is almost completely waterproof. That being said, it can still have issues regarding its waterproofness. One such issue is related to the speaker, where water will cause the speaker to produce a muffled sound.

Solution: This happens when water gets stuck in the speaker grill, and it distorts the audio. However, Samsung has put a waterproof film in front of the speaker which stops the water from permanently damaging the speaker unit. Therefore if water ever gets into the speaker of your Galaxy S9 Plus, simply let the phone dry. Once the water is completely dried, your phone’s speaker will sound like brand new.

Problem 8: Fixing Resolution and Scaling Issues on Galaxy S9 Plus

With the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you get a QHD+ display with an average battery size. This means that the large high-resolution screen will empty out your battery quite fast. Therefore, to increase your phone’s battery life, Samsung has thoughtfully added an option which allows the user to use the device at a lower resolution. While the phone’s display does not look great at a lower resolution, it certainly helps in achieving a good battery life.

Even though this is an excellent feature for saving battery, it can cause some issues related to scaling, due to the downscaled resolution. If you are experiencing any visual artifacts with your Galaxy S9 Plus, you can use the following instructions for changing the resolution of your phone in order to fix its scaling issues.


  • Open the ‘Display’ section from the ‘Settings’ app of your S9 Plus.
  • Here, you will find all the options related to your phone’s screen including the ‘Screen Resolution’ option.
  • Using this feature, you can change your device’s resolution back to QHD+ so that all the scaling issues have been fixed.

Problem 9: Fix for all Other Issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

In case you are still looking for solutions to some issue on your S9 Plus, you can always try out some universal fixes that can fix a lot of problems on a smartphone. For example, before trying out any complicated fix for your smartphone, you should try rebooting it. Since restarting will reload your operating system, it can potentially fix a lot of issues on your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Just in case that does not seem to work for you, then you should definitely try resetting your S9 Plus, which will wipe everything from your device, so make sure to backup all of your important data. For resetting your device, you can go through the given steps.


  • Open the ‘Settings’ app of your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to reset it.
  • Go to ‘General Management’ and select ‘Reset’.
  • This will reset your S9 Plus and fix a lot of issues on your device.


 If none of the fixes stated above has fixed issues on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, it is highly recommended that you should contact Samsung Customer Care for further assistance. Since they are experts trained by Samsung, you should always consider contacting them as the last option for fixing any kinds of issues on your device.