Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Problems and Solutions

S4 is one of Samsung’s ground breaking android phones that hit the market with excessive sales. It is on the list of great Smart phones with extreme functionalities. However, the phone also has some low points. One of the most common glitches subjected with S4 is camera failure. Here are the common Samsung Galaxy S4 camera problems and solutions that may help improve your phone’s camera performance.

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Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Problems and Solutions

Camera Problem 1: Failure to launch camera apps.


There are instances that Galaxy S4 camera fails to launch with a message prompt saying “Warning: Camera Failed” and freezes the phone from functioning. To fix the problem, the solutions listed below may help:

Solution 1

Restart your phone then open camera app. If camera still fails to launch, proceed to Solution 2.


Solution 2

Try to clear cache partition of the S4 system. Turn off your Galaxy S4. Press all together Volume Up + Home + Power Key and wait until the phone vibrates. On Recovery Mode, select Wipe Cache Partition by pressing Volume Down and Power key. Open Camera App. If it still fails to launch, do Solution 3.


Solution 3

Back-up your files and reset your phone to factory settings. Go to Settings, select Accounts, then Backup and Reset, go to Factory Data Reset, next Reset Device then Delete all to continue. Your phone will be reset into its default settings.

3 Solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Failure to launch camera apps

Camera Problem 2: A Blank Screen appears after opening camera app.

Apart from Samsung Galaxy S4 not charging- grey battery issue ,the Blank screen is one of the common Samsung Galaxy S4 camera problems that may be due to previous installation of apps. To fix it, follow solutions below:

Solution 1

Turn off your phone and remove the battery at least a minute to refresh your then restart it. Open camera app again. If still it shows a blank screen, try Solution 2.


Solution 2

Refresh the RAM. Close all opened applications on your phone and switch it off. Turn it on again and long-tap menu key then choose Safe Mode. Launch camera. If Safe Mode doesn’t’ help, do Solution 3 of Camera Problem 1.


Camera Problem 3: Camera App opens but suddenly stops working.


Though S4 is recognized as one of the best Android phones in the market, there are some drawbacksabout its camera that is quite disgusting for S4 lovers. Some users have experience S4 camera stops working and just crash without displaying images. This should be fixed. To do so, try solutions listed below:

Solution 1

Go to phone settings > More > Application Manager > All then go to Camera App to clear cache or clear data.


Solution 2

If Clear Cache and Clear Data don’twork, Wipe Cache Partition. Follow procedure in Solution 2 of Camera Problem 1.


Solution 3

Try opening Camera in Safe Mode to determine if there is really a problem on it. Switch off the phone. Turn it on and hold Volume down key until display appears. Select Safe Mode and open Camera App. If Camera App still doesn’t work properly on Safe Mode, it could be a hardware problem. If you still have a warranty, send it to your service center, else, go to a mobile shop and have replacement of the broken hardware.


These were just few of Samsung Galaxy S4 camera problems that are encountered by several users. The given solutions are very useful but if these solutions don’t help, it will be more convenient to have your phone checked with an expert Smartphone technician.

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