Common OnePlus 6 Issues And Their Fixes

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Even though the OnePlus 6 has a new sporting design with dual rear cameras and a classic glass design, you can become slightly disappointed due to the number of flaws in this phone. If you have already bought this mobile phone, all you need to know are the common issues that arise and the possible fixes to eliminate the problems.

You can resolve all the issues on the phone with the fixes available. Carrying out the fixes is easy, and you are ready to handle your phone without facing any issues.

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Problem 1: Battery life is poor, and the phone overheats frequently

Although the problem of exhausting battery and overheating is common in various smartphones, the battery of this mobile phone also drains the charge too quickly. However, it is normal for the phone to become frequently heated when it is new as you download several apps and probably use it more than you can realize.

If you are one of those customers using this phone and facing issues with the battery, the following steps can help you get the remedy.

Method 1: Uninstall a few apps and upgrade to the latest apps

  1. Check your phone settings to find the issues that may be causing the problem. If one or a few apps are the reason for draining your phone's battery, you may uninstall them.
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen and the time it takes to achieve sleep mode.
  3. Try to turn off the mobile data when there is a weak signal.
  4. With the steady software you get from OnePlus, be sure you have the latest software on your phone.


Method 2: Reboot the phone and wipe the cache partition

The battery problem on the phone is similar to a never-ending cycle. You will also hear the same story about the battery life in the models of the other companies. However, if the battery life problem is real and the charge on your phone drains out in no time, you can try to reboot the phone to see the difference. If nothing else works, you can factory reset the phone. However, remember to get a backup of all the data and files as everything, including call logs and messages, will disappear during this process.

  1. A simple reboot is all that your phone may require if you have not done it recently. Just hold down the power button and tap reboot.
  2. It is a good idea to wipe the cache partition to ensure that it is not causing the battery to drain quickly. You have to hold down the power key and turn the power off. Once the phone is in OFF mode, you must simultaneously tap the volume down and power key. It should boot into recovery mode, whether you can select it using the power key and navigate with the volume keys. Just select the language of your choice and choose the wipe cache option.

Problem 2: Delay in the arrival of notifications

Whether it is the older version of the phone or the newest variant, many phone owners have complained about the delay in the arrival of notifications. However, you can fix this problem when you consider the following steps.

Method 1: Problem with battery optimization and alert slider

  1. If you suspect battery optimization is the reason behind the delay in the notification's arrival, you have to remove the app that may be causing the problem.
  2. You must also toggle off the Advanced Optimization option when you tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the mobile.

Method 2: Turn the gaming mode off

  1. To ensure that the gaming mode is off on the phone, you have to check the settings, visit the gaming mode and toggle the block notification.
  2. Check your notification settings to locate the problem app on your mobile phone.

Problem 3: Auto Brightness Flickering is dull

Many complaints have come recently about the auto-brightness mode of the phone not working properly. While some people have noticed a flickering under direct sunlight, the rest have noticed that the phone is generally darker than it should be.

Method 1: Checking the adaptive brightness of the phone

    1. You can visit the settings and toggle the Adaptive Brightness feature off or set it manually when you pull down the notification shade and use the brightness slider.
    2. You can try to use another app to check if it works similarly to the software.
    3. When you use the brightness slider under the Adaptive Brightness feature, you can set the minimum brightness level against the auto-brightness level and test it again. Even though it may not solve flickering issues, it can make the phone brighter if it appears darker than usual.


Problem 4: Unexpected shut down of the phone

Although this is one of the major problems you may find in Android Smartphones, this phone may also exhibit the problems in one or more instances.

Method 1: Checking the heating issues of the phone

If the phone heats up frequently, you can expect it to shut down without notification. While checking the problems of unexpected shutdowns, you must also focus on the reasons behind the heating issues you may face.

  1. You must take care of the underlying issues that often heat the phone. Try to check the apps you have installed or the usage pattern of the phone to track the heating problems as it can shoot down the phone suddenly.
  2. Allow the battery to drain completely before you put it in charge again. Do not charge the phone too often.

Method 2: Factory reset the phone

  1. This is the last resort to prevent the shutdown of the phone. Make sure you have a backup of the data on the phone, as all of them will disappear during this process.
  2. You must avoid restoring the backup automatically after this process. Instead, try to do it manually.

Problem 5: Lazy user interface on the phone

The user interface is the key to the popularity of any smartphone, and the same applies to this model. However, recent reports related to the sluggishness of the user interface in this model have started coming in. Tweaking some of the options on the phone here and there can resolve the problems.

Method 1: Removal of a third-party launcher

Downloading a third-party launcher can result in this problem. However, you have to remove the downloader immediately to resolve the problem with this phone on an urgent basis.

  1. You must remove the third-party launcher as soon as possible as it is not optimized on that particular spec sheet.
  2. The next step is to hard reboot the phone. You can turn off the phone and restart it to use it again.
  3. If the user interface continues to stay sluggish after this, the only option you have is to factory reset the phone. Ensure you have the necessary backup of the files before factory resetting the phone.

Problem 6: Frequent disruptions in Wi-Fi Connectivity

A common issue you may face with this model is the disruption of the Wi-Fi connection. Over time, the connection becomes slow, or it may disconnect randomly.

Method 1: Rebooting the phone and refreshing the connection

If you have not rebooted the phone recently, try and do it to avoid the hindrances you face in the Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. You can start by rebooting the phone along with the Wi-Fi router if you are facing a problem with connectivity issues.
  2. You can go to settings mode and check if the Wi-Fi mode is on even in the sleep mode.
  3. Go to settings and then to the backup and reset the network settings. After this, you can try to set your Wi-Fi connection afresh to check if the connectivity issue returns.

Method 2: Go for the wipe data and cache option

  1. You have to hold down the power key to tap the power off option. Once you have set it off, hold the Volume Up and Power keys simultaneously. While it boots to the recovery option, you can navigate with the help of the volume keys and select the right option with the power key. After that, you must move on to the Wipe data and cache option and reboot.
  2. Make sure that you check the updates regularly and check the ISP of the router manufacturer to ensure that the firmware is up-to-date.

Problem 7: Fixing the Bluetooth problem

Problems with Wi-Fi connectivity are not the only issue you face with this mobile phone, as trouble can also erupt with Bluetooth connectivity. When you try to connect several devices with mobile phones, problems with Bluetooth are likely to surface. The biggest problem people face with the connectivity of Bluetooth is in cars where the device simply would not connect. Even if the connectivity remains intact, the phone icon does not appear.

Method 1: Turn off the HD calling option

  1. You can turn off the HD calling settings on the phone to fix the problem.
  2. You can also reboot the phone or restart the car and the stereo system to check the connectivity.
  3. You can also give up all the pairings to start over again to see the results.

Problem 8: Draining charge on the phone

This is another problem you may face with all Android smartphones, and the OnePlus 6 follows suit. With a few steps, you can easily rectify the problem of the charge going off now and then.

Method 1: Follow charging regulations and avoid playing games

  1. You must not allow the phone to charge for too long.
  2. When the charge drains quickly, you can blame it on your game habit, and you never know when you have overused the phone when the charge goes off.
  3. Make sure that the phone is not in use while charging. Using the phone when you put it on charge can heat up the device, and the charge tends to drain easily.

Problem 9: Screen stuck or becomes frozen

The phone screen suddenly freezes or gets stuck when you make calls or play games. Checking the apps can resolve the crisis.

Method 1: Checking the apps creating the issue

  1. Check the app from where the problem emanates. If there is an app causing the problem, you may not have to blame the phone.
  2. You can update the app or optimize it to reduce the chances of a frozen screen.
  3. If you are stuck with the default apps such as messaging, camera, or the phone, you must visit the settings and move on to the default apps. Choose the apps that are causing the issue and clear the cache to get the best output on the phone.

Method 2: Change the phone format

  1. If the steps above cannot solve the freezing screen problem, you can try to factory reset the phone after getting the backup.
  2. Formatting the phone can also help you get rid of other problems.

Problem 10: Slow opening of apps

If the app opens slowly, you have to analyze the nature of the app and track the problem.

Method 1: Check the nature of the apps

Certain apps, such as games, are inherently slow, so you can guess the culprit.

  1. Large games and apps such as YouTube may open slowly; you need not worry about it.
  2. If all the apps are slowly opening on the phone, you can try to restart the device and check again.


Some of the problems with the OnePlus 6 may appear frequently. However, you can practice quick fixes on your own such as restarting, rebooting, and factory resetting the phone. Following the software updates that appear on the phone from time to time can also avoid this problem. However, if the quick fixes do not work, you can take the phone to an authorized service center for the best results.

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