Common OnePlus 3 Issues and their Fixes

Although a fairly new company in the mobile market OnePlus has managed to gain a good percentage of users when things are quite competitive especially when there are a couple of strong contenders who dominate the smartphone market. Their flagship OnePlus 3 has been around for more than a year and while it comes as a budgeted handset, it has some great features. Like other smartphones, OnePlus 3 users have also been facing some problems lately. However, they can easily be worked on. Here is a quick list of common OnePlus 3 issues and their fixes.

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Common OnePlus 3 Issues and Their Fixes

Overheating Issues

Common OnePlus 3 Issues and their Fixes

There are different reasons why your OnePlus 3 may have heating problems. Here is what you should do about it:

Solution 1

Usually, when we keep our phones in our bag, with the screen facing down or in our pockets and if the fingerprint scanner gets touched then your device tries to scan and unlock. When this happens continuously the device overheats. To address this problem OnePlus already had a solution which is the ‘Pocket Mode’. But when Android 7.0 Nougat was launched it disabled this mode automatically, triggering the problem once again.  Enable the feature to fix the OnePlus 3 overheating problem on your device.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Pocket Mode and toggle it ON to enable the feature.

If the problem persists then there may be a rogue app that is causing the overheating or other issues. Here are other solutions to solve OnePlus 3 heating issues:

If your phone is overheating when it is charging, then there may be a problem with your charger. Ensure that you are using an original OnePlus 3 charger.

Solution 2

Excessive apps and files running in the background can make your smartphone overheated. Make sure you don’t have too many apps running in the background.

Solution 3

If there are any unused apps on your Home Screen, uninstall them they just occupy your storage space and when they are not updated they cause problems, especially overheating.

Solution 4

Also, ensure that all the apps that you are using are up to date.

  • Go to Google Play Store > Menu Icon (three small lines towards the upper-left side of the screen) > My Apps & Games > Update All – or you have the option to update them app-wise just below it.

Solution 5

Mobile cases may trap the heat. Taking it off will let it vent and your phone will be able to come down to the normal temperature. Also, try to charge your phone with the case off. You can put it the case back once you have finished charging.



Cannot Receive Notifications

Some users also complained that they were not receiving any notifications. Here are some solutions:

Solution 1

Check that you haven’t added the apps to the Do-Not-Disturb List.

Solution 2

If your memory is full then your notifications will not work too. Try and clear some space on your smartphone.

Solution 3

You may have disabled the app from sending notifications. Check that the apps from which you are not receiving notifications are on this list or not.

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization – tap on the vertical dots icon on the top right-hand side of the screen. From the list of apps you get you can pick the ones from which you want to receive notifications. Check the if the slider against the app from which you are not getting notifications has been turned ON.


Mobile Data Not Working

Some users of OnePlus 3 have complained that they are having connectivity problems with the mobile data. Here are some possible solutions if you find your OnePlus 3 mobile data not working.

Solution 1

Usually, the problem will be because of the carrier. You can confirm with your carrier if there is an issue and when is it expected to be solved. But if your carrier says that everything is fine then you can move to some other solutions.

Solution 2

Restarting your OnePlus3 fixes many small problems. First turn off your mobile data and then restart your phone. When your device is up then turn on the mobile data once again and check if the problem is gone.

Solution 3

Toggle the Mobile Data OFF and then turn it ON again.

Solution 4

Another option to try when you find the OnePlus 3 mobile data not working is to turn ON the Airplane Mode. This disables all types of connections. You can wait for 2 or 3 minutes and then turn OFF the Airplane Mode. Many users found that this fix worked for them.

Solution 5

Some users also found that their Mobile Data was not working with certain apps but the same apps worked just fine when they used the internet through Wi-Fi. Here is what you need to do in such situations:

You need to check/change the APN settings to solve this problem

  • Go to Settings > More Networks > Mobile Network > Access Point Names > Tap on APN for the Network > APN Protocol – change it to IPv4/ IPv6 or IPv4.


Bluetooth Issues

Here are some quick fixes that will help in solving OnePlus 3 Bluetooth issues.

Solution 1

Unpair the device that you are trying to connect and establish a new connection.

Solution 2

Begin with clearing the Bluetooth app cache on your smartphone:

  • Go to Settings > App Manager > Locate the Bluetooth app in the list and tap to open it. On this screen tap on Clear Cache. Once you clear the cache restart the phone and then try to establish a connection.

Solution 3

Power Saving Mode does not let Bluetooth function. If you have activated this feature then make sure to disable it before you can use Bluetooth.

Solution 4

There is a certain limit to the number of devices that you can connect. If you have too many profiles then a new connection may not work. Delete the older ones that are no longer in use and try to make a fresh connection.


Wi-Fi Issues

Another common problem that is faced by most smartphone users is connectivity in their Wi-Fi. Let us find out what will fix the OnePlus 3 Wi-Fi issues.

Solution 1

Unplug the power chord of your modem or router and then reboot it. Meanwhile, you can also turn OFF Wi-Fi on your mobile and then restart it. Once both the devices have been rebooted connect the Wi-Fi and check.

Solution 2

The Time and Date on your phone should be correct else it could interfere with the proper functioning of the phone.

Solution 3

Instead of using default DHCP use static IP in the configuration.

Solution 4

There are different network modes listed below the wireless settings of your router such as Wireless-B/G, Wireless-N only, Mixed, Wireless-G only, Wireless-B only etc. You can try changing the network to check which one works. Usually, the network routers are on Mixed by default but if you are facing problems you should definitely try and change the network to see if things work for you.

Solution 5

Forget the network and add the details once again.

  • Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Look for the connection and tap and hold it till you get the option to Forget. Confirm your selection. Now add the Wi-Fi network from scratch.

Common OnePlus 3 Issues and their Fixes

Solution 6

Check that the MAC address on your OnePlus 3 and see if the router recognizes it.

  • Go to Settings > System > About Device > Status > MAC Number

Solution 7

Notifications Get Cleared Automatically

If you find the notifications of your OnePlus 3 getting cleared automatically from the status bar, then here is what you can do. This is actually a problem connected to battery management.

If you go to Settings > Battery >Hiberation/Aggressive Dose – toggle the feature OFF. Once this is done your notifications will continue to be visible.


Battery Drain

If you are facing sudden battery drain problem on your OnePlus 3 then here are some ways to fix this problem:

Solution 1

The first OnePlus 3 battery drain fix is to check your battery and see which apps are consuming the most juices on your smartphone.

  • Go to Settings > Battery – check the list of apps.

Usually, it is the Android System and Android OS that are seen on top of the list of apps. This is perfectly fine but if there are other apps which top the list then it is a problem. You need to uninstall those apps. For many, those apps may be useful and they may need it. There are many apps that offer similar features, you will definitely find a replacement app.

If you want the Android System and Android OS also to go down on their battery consumption then here is what you can do. The Android System and Android OS backup your data on Google servers. When the backup is done the CPU is ON always which means your phone is actually never idle. When we talk about data it is the messages, pictures, Wi-Fi passwords, app settings etc. If you turn off the Back up my data feature then you can save on your battery life.

  • Go to Settings > Back up & Reset > Automatic Restore > Back up my Data – toggle it off.

You can schedule a backup once a day but don’t have it on throughout.

Solution 2

Keep the brightness of your phone in check. Toggling it manually when needed will help in saving a couple of battery percentages.

Solution 3

Keep the Location Services off when it is not in use.

Solution 4

Close all apps running in the background they consume both, internet and phone’s energy.


Not Receiving Voicemails

Next in the list of common OnePlus 3 issues and their fixes is that some OnePlus 3 users have been unable to receive voicemails on their phone. Those who are on T-Mobile are the ones that are facing the problem. Here is what you can do:


Go to Settings > Call Settings >Sim Card > Voicemail Settings > Visual Voicemail – disable the feature. You will now receive your Voicemails.


Performance Issues

With time and usage, there may be performance issues with any smartphone. Some of the main performance problems which are commonly seen are stutter, lag, random reboots, stuck screen etc. Here is what you can do to improve the performance of OnePlus 3.

Solution 1

Begin with clearing the cache partition of your mobile phone.

  • Turn off your OnePlus 3 mobile
  • Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together till you see the Recovery Menu
  • Select the Language
  • Using the Volume Up and Down buttons navigate to Clear Cache/Data and use the Power button to make a selection.
  • You will find two options – one will Clear Cache of your smartphone and the second will delete all the data on your phone. Select Wipe Cache option carefully. Double check if you have picked the right option.
  • Once done select Reboot

Clearing the cache of your phone makes it fresh instantly. You will see how fresh and fast your phone works after you clear its Cache Partition.

Solution 2

You should also clear some memory of your device storage. Uninstall apps that you no longer use. Transfer your videos and pictures to a UB or Cloud service and clear your gallery. Your phone will not experience lags if your memory is cleared.


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