Common LG G6 Problems And How To Fix Them

LG G6 is no doubt one of the best smartphones in the market that is packed with great design, compact body, excellent dual lens camera and large screen. Also, this device is made to run on latest Android version which will let you enjoy all the latest Android features in the flagship LG G6. However, nothing can be made to perform flawlessly, so LG G6 is not an exception to that. Users have already started complaining about some issues that they are facing with their brand new LG G6.

Some common LG G6 problems and their fixes are explained here. So, have a read and get ready to solve any issue by your own.

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Common LG G6 Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Problem 1: Battery life issue

This is probably the most common issue faced with every smartphone and you will be prone to face the battery life issue even more while the phone is new. The reason is users keep exploring their device in the first few days along with downloading various apps, games while also try enjoying them which generally limits the battery life. Anyways, the poor battery life in LG G6 can be resolved by the following ways.


  • The first suggestion is to go for a restart as this solution works as a miracle in many cases and resolve the issue immediately. In case you have not restarted the device for too long it can give rise to numerous issues. So, first restart your LG G6 and then go for trying other solution methods in case it could not solve the poor battery life issue for you.
  • The next idea is to perform a software update as the latest version fixes various bugs of its predecessor. To perform a software update head towards settings >About phone > Software update > Update now and it will update your device. Now, check if the poor battery issue is resolved or not in your LG G6 device.
  • You are also required to check the battery usage by going to the settings which offer an idea of what all apps are using which amount of battery. In case you notice that some apps are using unusual battery amount then try to disable or uninstall it which will have a good effect on the battery life of your device.
  • Another thing which can be done to save some juice on your device is to turn off the Always on display option, reduce the screen timeout and adjust the brightness of the screen by going to settings and display.

LG G6 problems

Problem 2: Wi-Fi issue

This is another issue among common LG G6 problems which have interrupted many users till date while they are in the mid of any work. This issue is really frustrating, however, you can easily fix the issue by following some easy steps.


  • The first thing is to restart your Wi-Fi in the LG G6 device. That is, turn off the Wi-Fi option, wait for few seconds and then turn it on back to check if this has helped you to fix up the Wi-Fi issue.
  • Next, go for restarting your router and modem. This is a very helpful solution which might fix up the Wi-Fi issue in just second.
  • If the above-mentioned solutions have not worked out for you, then try to forget the network and then reconnect it. It can be done by going to the settings > Network > tap on the problematic network to forget it. Now reconnect the network again to check if the issue is solved now.
  • You can also go for resetting the network settings which is a very helpful idea and can solve the issue immediately. To do so, head towards settings > general > Back up and reset> network settings reset and then choose the option reset settings.


Problem 3: Bluetooth issue

Bluetooth issue is another issue that annoys many users. An issue regarding the Bluetooth car system connections is also very common and here we will discuss the possible solutions to fix up this problem with LG G6.


  • The first solution you should try out is to restarting your device. So, restart the LG G6 and then go for other solutions.
  • Next, turn off the Bluetooth option, wait for few second and then turn it on back to see if this has helped you to fix up the Bluetooth issue in your LG G6 device.
  • Also, you can delete the paired device for which the problem is happening and then pair it again. This can be done by going to setting> Bluetooth and then select the troubled paired device to tap on the unpair button. Now pair the device from scratch.
  • If nothing works out for you then go for wiping the cache partition and it might definitely resolve the issue for you.


Problem 4: Camera performance issue

The camera is one of the main attractions in LG G6 that has mainly compelled many users to have this phone. The dual lens camera is just excellent that capture high-quality images. However, many have stated that they are facing issue with the LG G6 camera such as blurring on motion and poor performance in low light. Here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, check if you are using the latest software and if not then go for a software update which will automatically fix various issues. To do so, head towards settings > about phone > software update > Update now.
  • You can also try out by switching between the wide angle and standard angle lens to see if this can help you to fix up the issue. The lens can be switched by tapping on the tree icon in camera settings.
  • Another thing you can do is to open the camera app and tap on the settings option to toggle off the tracking focus. Now check if it has done some changes to the camera performance issue.
  • Perform factory reset in nothing has helped you out. Also, you can contact the carrier to fix up this issue if the said solutions are not working for you.

LG G6 problems

Problem 5: LG G6 lagging issue

Lagging is an issue which is very annoying as it makes everything delayed. And unfortunately, lagging is one of the most common LG G6 issues. However, not to worry for that as several potential fixes are there following which the lagging issue can be easily fixed.


  • First, restart the LG G6 phone and then move to other methods.
  • Next, ensure you are using the latest software If not then update the device by going to settings > about phone > software update > Update now.
  • Once you have updated the device next comes to updating the apps. For updating the app head towards Google Play store and every app can be updated from there.
  • Go to settings > general > Smart cleaning which will quickly clean the unused apps and files from your device to enhance the performance speed.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset which will definitely offer a great boost to the performance and will fix up the lagging issue for sure.


Problem 6: Sound issue

The sound issue is another thing that has annoyed many of the LG G6 users so far. While according to some users, the speaker sound is distorted many other have said that the issue is with headphone and there is no sound at all. If you too are facing this sound issue then know here the possible fixes and then contact your carrier in case the below explained methods do not work out for you.


  • First, restart your phone which is suggested for every other issue as well. This might bring back the sound on your device. However, if this does not work out for you then move to other methods.
  • The next option is to check the side volume button and ensure they are set to the highest volume.
  • In case the issue is with headphone then might be the headphone port is not clear. If dust is accumulated in the port then it can create this type of issue such as distorting the sound or else not offering any sound at all. So, clear the headphone by blowing or compressing air gently.
  • If you have all the said methods and still the same issue is being continued then perform a factory reset by going to the settings.


Problem 7: LG G6 signal issue

Signal issue is another common LG G6 issue and few of the users have stated about this problem. According to them, the signal is very poor and calls get disconnected very often. However, this might happen due to the poor network as well so what you are suggested to do is first check with your service provider and then go ahead to perform the said methods.


  • Some studies have reported that skin contact can interfere with the signal strength of a phone, so you can use a phone case to prevent skin contact and it might resolve the signal issue in your LG G6 device.
  • Another idea is to make use of a rubber band or duct tape for offering support between the two antennas in your device which you will find on the left side of the phone.

If these are not enough to resolve the signal issue in your LG G6 device then visit the store from where you bought the phone and they might help you out.


Problem 8: Overheating issue

Overheating issue is not only limited to the LG G6 device rather it is an issue with every smartphone and users of each and every smartphone keeps complaining about it. However, here are some fixes that you can try to resolve the overheating issue in your LG G6 device.


  • First, restart the device. If you have not restarted the phone in the last few days and it is been working at a stretch for 150-200 hours then overheating the phone is very general and a restart will fix up the issue mostly.
  • Next, check if your phone has the latest software update. Check for that by going to settings > About phone > Software update > Update now. If any update is available then go for that.
  • Now check if all the apps in your device are updated. This can be checked by going to Google Play store. And if any update is available for any app then go for updating the app definitely.
  • Another idea is to removing the case and then see if that overheating issue is resolved slightly.
  • Also, you should not use the device while it is charging and stop all the apps running in the background while the phone is in charge.


Problem 9: Scratch on the back panel

If accidentally the phone falls from your hand and scratches are being noticed in the back panel of your LG G6 device then it is very natural to feel frustrated as this is a brand new device and any scratches even though small enough can be really annoying. However, if this is the case with you then no need to worry as the scratches on the back panel can be lightened by using a small tip. This is discussed below.


  • The paste can be helpful in this case. What you are required to do is put some paste on the scratch area and then spread it. Wait for few minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth. Repeat the process very often and it will eventually lighten the scratch.
  • Another method is to make use of baby powder mixed with water and then apply it to the scratch area. Baking power too can be used instead of baby powder. But be careful and do not wet the phone.


Problem 10: Scratches on the camera lens

The camera is one of the main attractions of LG G6 and there are many who have acquired this device only for the camera that let you capture high-quality images. However, many have already started complaining that small kind of scratches are being accumulated on the camera lens and this is very annoying as it might not let you capture the images clearly. Here are the solutions to this issue.


  • The first suggestion is to make use of phone case which will protect the phone and the lens. However, if the scratch is already there then move to the next method.
  • You can make use of a polishing compound that will remove the scratch in case it is in the coating and not on the camera lens.
  • Ask for a replacement from where you bought the device.


Problem 11: Crashing and freezing issue

Is your LG G6 is not performing properly and it is crashing or freezing very often? Then follow the below-explained methods and get your device back to normal operating conditions.


  • Restart the device.
  • Perform a software update and also update all the apps on your device by going to Play store.
  • Close all the apps that are running in the background.
  • Delete all the unused and unnecessary files which will free up some space and will offer a boost in the performance.
  • Also, you can go for using a third party launcher such as Nova Launcher which will resolve the crashes and freezing issue.

LG G6 problems

Problem 12: Touch screen issue

The touch

Common LG G6 problems and how to fix them


screen is not working properly or it is not responding every time is another most common issue faced by the KG G6 users and here are the possible fixes for that.


  • Restart the device first.
  • Next, perform the dialing method. To perform it open the phone app and type *#0*# on the screen and then follow the touch screen test.
  • If you have tried the above solutions but still left with the same situation then replace the screen.


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