Which Tethering Method Should You Use? WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB Cable?

In those good old days when we were not so internet mature, we used to get really excited about tethering. Using our mobile internet on our laptops or computers through USB cables really made us excited about it. And even though the speed wasn’t that good, or barely enough to open up our Facebook accounts. But we did really got excited about the fact that we could use our mobile internet on PC’s.

Fast forward to now, we have endless options to choose from to get internet with ourselves, and use it anywhere and with anything that we want to. And that’s not it, we get that blazing fast speed too. And there are a couple of cellular carriers that offer us that choice. But to be honest, we just have so many devices that are not just the laptops that needs to be connected to the internet. This raises the question that – which is the best tethering method that I can use with little to no loss of speed?

WiFi Tethering

wifi internet tethering

WiFi is one of the easiest and the most famous way to tether. And the best thing is that it is compatible with all the devices that support WiFi, and the tethering too does not take much time. It is as quick and easy as you would do with a hotspot.

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The biggest advantage of tethering via WiFi, is that you are no longer limited to just connecting to one device like the USB method (we will get to that in a minute), and it is easy, fast, and compatible with almost anything that can use the internet through WiFi.

But the disadvantage of this will be the security of your connection. It basically depends on your internet connection, and the WiFi connection, and it can range from anywhere between not secure at all, or some “Fair” security. Also don’t forget that your are wirelessly connected, which means increase in battery drain.

USB Cable Tethering

usb cable internet tethering

If you are able to connect your device with the the device that you want to run your internet on, then this is the best option that you have. And even if you have little tech related knowledge, then you should know that tethering does consume extra battery, because it has to expend power through your mobile antenna and communicate with your carrier. So when your mobile is connected to your laptop, it will get charged while at the same time, the internet can be accessed on your laptop.

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It will also be faster and more secure when compared to WiFi tethering, because your connection is hardwired, instead of wireless.

The disadvantage of this method, is the limitation of device connectivity. You can only use that internet on one device that you connect your mobile to through the USB cable. In this case, it will just be your laptop, and nothing else that you can use your internet on. Also, there will be some additional settings that you will have to configure on your laptop to successfully use the internet.

Bluetooth Tethering

bluetoothlogo internet tethering

Yes it can be used for more than just connecting your bluetooth headsets. It is considered as one of the most excellent methods for tethering. It is similar to WiFi, because it tethers wirelessly, which means that you can connect multiple devices. But again, you should consider the fact that it will consume more battery.

And since bluetooth is specifically designed to work on your mobile device, it can noticably consume less battery. Also, it will be much better secured when compared toWiFi tethering.

But the bluetooth tethering method isn’t that common, and the reason is quite legit, because it does requires you to get completely involved to get set up, which is contrary to the WiFi tethering method. But if you do really want to save battery, then bluetooth tethering is the best way to go.

To wrap this up and tie it with a bow, I will definitely say that each of these methods are best suited in different situations. And this is the reason why we cannot decide the best one that works perfectly in every situation.

Ultimately it all boils down to your current situation and the decision that you make. But one thing that we are sure of, is that you will learn a couple new things during the process, and will have more tools under your belt to serve yourself with the hunger of the internet.