With the rapid changes in TV market in last few years, new varieties of screens with OLED panels and ultra-high definition (UHD, or 4K) are taking the place of standard 1080p. If you are looking forward to buying a new TV, there are several options in the market under $1000. And here in this article, we have listed down the top bets TVs under $1000 to buy in 2018. So, have a read.

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Top Best TVs Under $1000 To Buy In 2018

Mentioned below are a few options for TVs Under $1000 to buy:

One Of The Best TVs Under $1000 To Buy In 2018 With Excellent HDR Quality

13Sony XBR55X900E

Sony XBR55X900E 4k LED TV is one of the best offers by Sony. This television comes equipped with about topmost picture quality, enjoyable HDR presentation and a wide range of multipurpose features. The HDR content mainly gives a great experience on this TV as it becomes very illuminating, and it manages the motion remarkably well.

The chief attraction of its great picture quality is its indigenous dimming arrangement. It supports the X900E, generates a greater contrast which in turn results in greater picture quality. It turns more dynamic and livelier and builds a superior color volume as compared to its competitors. This TV is definitely a leader in the price range of $1000 when it comes to its HDR quality. Another better characteristic of this TV is its quicker motion and comparatively lower input lag. There is no doubt that this TV is a great choice for playing games along with watching wide-ranging content.

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Best TV Under $1000 With Great Image Quality

12Vizio M65-E

The Vizio M-Series stays one of the best choices for TVs under $1000 to buy. Its main focus is the picture quality above all else. The reasonably priced Vizio M65=E0 offers enhanced image quality as compared to other features in this price budget. What is more interesting is that to some extent it even leaves behind more costly brands. It can incorporate both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 formats without any difficulty. This TV has an inbuilt Chromecast system that provides you with more applications and many updates as compared to its many smart TV competitors. You can even control it through a Google Home speaker.

On another hand, the Vizio M65-E0 has its set of imperfections. Just like Sony TV, it has a constricted watching angle, which makes it not a very great choice for larger rooms.  This TV also has an indigenous dimming system (somewhat a little less refined) which helps it in providing very good quality imageries in a darkened room. That is why this TV is very popular among the home-theatre users.

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Best Curved TV With Auto Depth Enhancer

11Samsung 55″ Class MU6500 Curved 4K UHD TV

There is no doubt that when it comes to watching your favorite movie or game, a bigger screen is always better. Samsung 55″ Class MU6500 Curved 4K UHD TV is one such TV. This is one of the most sought out TVs under $1000 to buy.  Watching your favorite action movie on a curved screen can be a great experience for action lovers. This is what you get with Samsung 55″ Class MU6500 Curved 4K UHD TV. This TV is just outstanding, because of the feature Auto Depth Enhancer. This curved 4K UHD TV has been intended to deliver a more accurate and lifelike watching experience enhanced with the color compositions that are powerful and factual. The comprehensive range of colors and contrast helps TV in differentiating the shift between dark and light in a clear way. You can see the concealed details in dark scenes on TV with the help of Essential Black Pro.

The 4K resolution feature in this TV offers four times more pixels as compared to a Full HD. The movement on screen is smoother with the motion rate of 120. Moreover, you can connect this TV to WiFi with the help of Samsung Smart Hub technology.  This Samsung TV offers great connectivity features using which you can enjoy all your favorite movies, games and TV shows without compromising the quality.

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Best TV From Sony With Great Sound Effects

10Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR55X800E is an effective choice when it comes to watching superior quality streaming content through WiFi and UHD movies. This TV has a well-appointed bass speaker system for optimum sound effects. This giant 55-inch TV consists of an effervescent and vivacious Triluminos display, which enriches color and provides magnificent 2160p image quality. Sony XBR55X800E operates on Android TV platform offered by Google. It comprises of Google Cast technology that helps you in casting the content from a substantial list of applications straight from your mobile phone. You can watch Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon and other similar high-resolution video content.

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Best TV Under $1000 With Excellent Set Of Features

9Samsung 49-inch MU8000

This 49-inch is ideal for small to medium-sized living rooms. The Samsung 49-inch MU8000 TV has been magnificently designed to give you a pleasurable viewing. It provides great HDR performance, congenial brightness levels, exceptional color configurations, and profound black levels for a great image quality in any sort of illumination. This TV operates on Tizen OS interface of Samsung, which is considered as one of the best platforms in the TV industry. Other than a high-quality picture, this Samsung TV also offers some convenient features like the capability to detect the HDMI inputs that you can plug into it, name those inputs on your TV screen, and also automatically controls them from your remote control. Under $1,000, this TV brings you a great deal and offers same quality similar to that of a more expensive brand of future.

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Best TV From LG Under $1000 With Excellent Off-Angle Viewing Feature

8LG 55-inch UJ7700

One of the biggest advantages LG’s UJ7700 offers over its competitors is that it utilizes a LED display with IPS screen technology. This gives a tremendous off-angle viewing with this TV. The remarkable off-angle viewing is not the only feature of this TV. It also has many other advantages. This TV delivers a lively and effervescent picture, great HDR performance together with Dolby Vision format, and an efficacious and powerful interface. It allows you optimal use of your remote by pointing and clicking through LG webOS system.

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One Of The Best TV With Great Features

7TCL 55-inch P607

This is one of the best deals under $1000. This TV has the excellent picture quality with rich contrast, precise color composition, and profound black levels. It helps in better viewing of dark scenes. The TCL 55-inch P607 has a first-rate interface that can provide you access to thousands of channels. An inbuilt over-the-air guide where you can use your voice to search. The TV remote comes equipped with a headphone jack so that you can watch TV and listen to programs without troubling other people at your place. The TCL P607 works smoothly with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

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Great TV under $1000 With Stunning Display

6Samsung MU7000 Series 4k TV

The Samsung MU7000 series of 4K TV is a great combination of price and valuable features. It comes well-appointed with a display board with 54.6 inches screen. That means you can get your favorite version based on your requirement and budget. This TV offers a good quality image, surplus of useful applications and services through Samsung Smart Hub.  And you will also get a smooth, sturdy remote to make MU7000 a great acquisition for your household.

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Cheapest Best TV Under $600

5Vizio D-Series 55 inch 4K TV

Vizio, known for consumer electronics, is offering the D-Series, one of the most reasonably priced 4K TV. It begins with under $600 for a 55-inch TV. Furthermore, it delivers a superior quality LED display panel along with the indigenous dimming system. Its refresh rate is 120 frames per second, i.e. 120Hz. You can connect this TV to your Wi-fi network and use it to cast your favorite shows, movies, games and more on this TV.

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Best Looking TV under $1000 To Buy in 2018

4LeEco Super4 X55 4K TV

The LeEco’s 55-inch Super4 X55 4K TV has a stunning design. It is equipped with Harman Kardon-tuned speakers and tremendous image quality that support HDR10 content. Operated by Android TV, you can watch all chief streaming stations, together with Netflix and HBO Go. In addition, you can also play your favorite games from the popular Google Play store.

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Best TV under $400 With Excellent Set Of Features

3LG 49UJ6300 Series 4K TV

You can easily buy LG 49UJ6300 SERIES 4K TV as its price range starts from below $500. This TV offers incredible value for your money along with a handy set of valuable features. This TV also supports HDR based content. Using LG’s webOS 3.5 version, you can watch the videos from all the main service stations along with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. On the top of it all, this TV uses best quality IPS display panel that gives you the first-rate experience.

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Best TV Under $1000 With Amazon Alexa

2Element Amazon Fire TV Edition

Element Amazon Fire TV Edition has been developed in collaboration with Amazon. This TV offers one of the finest 4K TV deals in the market. You not only get to enjoy watching your favorite programs, movies and games, but you also get access to Amazon Alexa.

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Bigger Screen TV In Cheaper Price

1Hisense 65 Inch 4k TV

There is no doubt, Hisense 65 Inch 4k TV provides one of the best large screen deals under $1000. With this TV, you will get bold and exciting contrast, sharper lines, and vivacious colors in every pixel. Along with that, you also get some fascinating features, for example, One-touch HotKeys that provide prompt access to your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also enjoy sharper and brighter visuals, flawless, esteemed sound and 24 integral applications that will give you a pleasant TV experience.

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Mentioned above are some of the top best TVs under $1000 to buy in 2018. In this list, you will find some true stars, with magnificent picture and sound quality to give you the feel of cinema at home.

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