The surround audio has become a standard entertainment sound system for home theatre experience. With time, it has been made better and offers far more immersive audio perception than the two-channel ones. If you have decided to buy the 5.1 system, you will find this post super useful. Here is a list of top best 5.1 sound systems 2018.

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List of Top Best 5.1 Sound Systems 2018

8Pro Cinema 800 System Definitive Technology

This is a 6 piece home theatre system from Definitive Technology. There is a ProCentre 1000 center loudspeaker, 4 satellite ProMonitor 800 speakers and a ProSub 800 subwoofer.  The sound played through this sound system has the body and warmth of musical instruments and the voices, thanks to the BDSS technology driver which doubles the lower mid-range area of the speaker that radiates without the need of a bigger enclosure. The main attraction is its center channel which happens to produce life-like sound effects. There are two mid/bass radiators on the side of the enclosure so you can play loud music clearly. The subwoofer has a 300-watt amplifier which drives an 8-inch woofer pressure coupled to a low bass radiator of 8 inches featured below the enclosure. It is much better than a single 10-inch woofer. It offers better control, speed and pitch definition. The sound this system delivers is incredible and it is one of the most dynamic 5.1 sound system’s to own.

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7Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System with Sonos ONE

The home theatre from Sonos is a smart surround system. You can give voice commands to the wireless smart speaker – Alexa takes all the commands. There are two Sonos voice-controlled wireless speakers, one wireless subwoofer and a PLAYBAR TV soundbar including the package. Complimenting HD television screens this amazing sound system from Sonos delivers powerful and clear sound through nine amplified drivers. You can also stream music wirelessly. Add more Sonos speakers to other rooms and wirelessly connect them. You can now enjoy crystal clear sound in every room – perfect for parties. It adds deeper bass to any Sonos wireless speaker, so you can enjoy loud music.

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6Onkyo HT-S7800 5.1.2 Ch. Dolby Atmos Home Theatre

This is one of the best 5.1 sound systems on the list. The HT-S7800 flagship magnifies noise-free sound along with high-current power for dynamic speaker control – thus producing rich and clear sound. The Dolby Atmos-enabled height speakers to reflect the distinct sound effects to your listening space. Two audio speakers that come with this package can be placed in a second room through a receiver. The sound of this home theatre system is remarkable. It offers extraordinary clear sound. Also included is the DTS X which features height channels for an immersive listening experience. There are some amazing things you can do such as turn up the dialogue only in a mix.

It is HDCP 2.2 and HDMI compatible so all the formats released are compatible with it. You get a bandwidth of 18Gbps which supports 4:4:4 color space and 2160 pixels for a much clearer vision than 1080 pixels. It also transmits HDR formats with a BT.2020 support offering clear pictures of highest quality. All the 1080 pixels videos are upscaled into 4K Ultra HD. The Onkyo home theatre also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can enjoy wireless music through smartphones or laptop. Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn can be accessed through the Onkyo remote.

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5Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theatre

This is a wireless home theatre sound system which lets you place all the speakers easily anywhere you want without having to worry about wires. Experience movies, music, television series, video-games and sports through this amazing sound system. This system was designed to work out-of-the-box without any installation or set-up hassles. There is an Enclave App for iOS and Android so you can stream music using the WiFi or through your smartphone. You also have the option to connect your phone through Bluetooth and play the music.

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4Yamaha YHT-3920UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theatre in a Box

The Yamaha sound system offers high-quality sound. There is an 8-inch 100-watt subwoofer included for a rich and strong bass. The subwoofer betters the quality of the sound when the volume is increased. Four surround speakers along with a center channel are easy to mount and are perfect for music and movies. You can play music wirelessly through your smartphones, tablets or laptops because this flagship from Yamaha is equipped with Bluetooth. The compressed music enhancer has been optimized for Bluetooth audio transmissions so you can experience lively and rich music while you play wirelessly. The YPAO system included in this sound system automatically calibrates the environment and delivers optimal sound.

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3Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

The Samsung 5.1 sound system includes two wireless rear speakers, two front speakers, one center channel speaker and a passive subwoofer. With this set-up, you can experience an immersive audio. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream online content and gives you access to games and apps. You can sync and share multimedia and television content through your smartphones or laptops. You also get Blue-ray functionality so you can access websites and even play games, you just need to be connected to the internet. Any Bluetooth enabled device such as your tablets, smartphones, computers or laptops can also be connected to this sound system and you can wirelessly stream audios. The 3D Blu-ray included in this system upscales all video content to HD and lets you enjoy all old shows and movies in HD quality. The clear sound is credited to Dolby Digital Plus. It processes two-channel audio and delivers the best surround sound. You can hear loud music without any crackles or noises.

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2Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theatre System

For those who are looking for a budgeted sound system, this sound system from Energy is a perfect take. The company hasn’t compromised in the quality or performance of this gorgeous sound system. There are integrated keyhole mounts, rubber bumpers and the inserts are threaded so you can select where to place the speakers. There are four satellite speakers, one 200 watt subwoofer and a center channel speaker from Take. Every speaker component delivers clear sound and loud music. The music is delivered uniformly in all directions from the speakers and no frequency is dominated by the other making it sound natural and lively. What’s more, the speakers are resonance and distortion free. The ribbed elliptical surround technology gets rid of any distortion and increases the efficiency of the subwoofer and woofers. The technology of the Energy woofers has been made to move lots of air within so they can play low frequencies with more bass.

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1Auna Concept 620 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theatre

This is another budgeted 5.1 sound system which offers quality music at a great price. The Auna surround sound offers compact satellite speakers that come with a black casing. These speakers can easily be set on the floor because it features non-slipper pedestals. There are five satellite speakers and one main subwoofer in the package. You can use memory sticks or SD/MMC memory card slots to play music. The sound system also offers an AM/FM radio tuner with a LED display.

The above is the list of some top best 5.1 sound systems 2018. All of these deliver top-quality sound and offer exceptional experience.

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