Best Projectors To Buy In 2018

The home projectors have advanced to a greater extent in the last few years. The models that are available today are able to handle a myriad of multimedia content like videos, images, films, games, and even documents in addition to playing some music files. A majority of the home projectors come with a great range of choices for connection and some are even capable of displaying 3D content. With the current rate of advancements taking place, one can expect their TV to be playing the role of a home projector soon enough.

If you wish to have a theater-like feel at the comfort of your home, then you must bring home a good projector from the list of best projectors available out there. To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best budget projectors that could help you enjoy seamless entertainment. Here are some.

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7 Best Projectors To Buy in 2018


Best Budget Projectors With Great Connectivity

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness

Best Budget Projector

This one is considered to be the best budget projector that has been hitting the top number on Amazon. The overall fair price, attractive color display, bold lumen count, durable lamp life as well as enhanced connectivity –all of these features make the Epson 3LCD projector the best choice of the buyers.

The Epson 3LCD projector comes with a white and color brightness of around 3000 lumens. This makes it suitable for vivid color and lasting accuracy in highly lit environments. Even with a resolution of 800 X 600, the projector is easily compatible with the HDMI support for both digital video as well as audio files. In contrast to several other projectors in the market, the Epson 3LCD projector comes with the longest lamp life of around 10,000 hours. The overall dimensions of this projector are 14.5 inches X 13.8 inches X 6.2 inches and it weighs around 8.1 pounds that make it highly portable.

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Best Flexible And Budget Projector Under $200

OCDAY 2800 Lumens Video Projector

Best Budget Projector

This projector that is available on Amazon is rated especially as the best budget projector for all home theater lovers. The device is available for the dimension range of 13.2 inches X 4.6 inches X 10.3 inches and weighs merely at about 4.6 pounds. These features make the projector highly portable. Thus, you can enjoy the theater feel at any corner of your house. The OCDAY 2800 Lumens video projector is available at a resolution of 1280 X 768 (720p HD) and comes with a striking brightness of 2800 lumens. This serves to be appropriately bright in all of the rooms of your house.

The OCDAY 2800 Lumen video projector comes with a great range of flexibility. It is able to project on the screens that have the dimensions of 50 as well as 200 inches and is capable of projecting in three ways (front, ceiling and rear). There is also the presence of built-in speakers in this high-tech projector that lets you enjoy music as well. It offers great connectivity with support for HDMI, AV, USB, VGA and so more.

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Best Projector To Handle Both 2D And 3D Content

Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP

The 3D technology in home projectors might not be the hot new feature nowadays. However, there are still several homeowners who enjoy the 3D content and own a collection of 3D movies. All the home projectors available in the market are not capable of handling 3D content. However, the Optoma HD142X home projector is capable of supporting both the 2D as well as 3D content with high efficiency. The Optoma HD142X projector comes with a resolution of 1080 HD that offers great picture and video quality.

The screen size offered by this projector is 66 inches to 107 inches along with an intense brightness of around 3000 lumens. Therefore, this projector is well-suited for different rooms as well as settings. As far as the connection is concerned, the projector is able to support HDMI connection through two ports, one contains MHL as well, one 3D sync port, a USB port along with an audio output. Therefore, you can enjoy music also by attaching the projector with some music system.

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One Of The Best Projector To Use In Dark Settings

ERISAN GM60A Wi-Fi Projector

This one is rated as the best projector in the Wi-Fi series. The ERISAN GM60A projector has the dimension of 5.6 inches X 4.3 inches X 1.6 inches and has a weight of around 2.7 pounds. These features make it highly lightweight and thus, it can be easily transported from one area of the house to another. The best feature offered by the ERISAN GM60A projector is that it provides support for Wi-Fi. Just like any Smart TV, the users can enjoy any form of media like images, videos, films, audio files and so more from their smartphones or any other wireless device on the projector itself. As a result of this unique feature, along with the ability to offer around 800 lumens brightness, this projector is the most recommended to be used in dark settings for watching movies or videos.

The projector comes with a resolution of 800 X 480 along with a contrast of 1000:1 and a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The projector also comes with a one-year warranty along with a 90-day replacement feature on its lamp.

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Best Projector With Striking Features

ViewSonic PJD5153 DLP Projector

This projector comes with a striking brightness of 3,200 lumens ANSI. As a result, the ViewSonic PJD5153 projector is able to offer great brightness and robust images amongst all the projectors in its range. In addition to this feature, the projector also comes with a 3-year warranty on several parts as well as labor. Moreover, there is a one-year insurance on the lamp life along with the provision for express exchange within one year. All of these striking features make it a suitable match as one of the best projectors for the homeowners.

The ViewSonic PJD5153 projector comes equipped with an attractive SuperColor technology along with a contrast review of 15,000:1. These features imply that the images of the projector make way for the spotless and clear viewing when it is used in brighter room settings. The more would be the count of the lumen, there are higher chances of displaying a picture from the projector with more lighting & brightness. Moreover, the projector also comes with five different settings for viewing like the business presentation or cinematic scope.

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The Smallest And Portable Best Budget Projector

iCodis G1

This projector would fall under the smallest and the most portable projectors in the market today. In addition to its small size, the projector is also capable of offering a 1080p resolution at 30fps packed into a unit of just 8.5 ounces. It also comes with an amazing LED life of around 30,000 hours with a projection display of around 120 inches on the screen. This is achieved by the highly efficient 100 ANSI bulb for offering lumen brightness. In addition to this, the projector is also powered by the OS Android 4.4.

The overall setup of this Wi-Fi projector is quite simple. You just need to connect the projector to the designated Wi-Fi network and choose the preferred option of playing any media on the projector. The G1 projector is also capable of providing connection to a tripod and even comes with an attractive mini tripod. There is also the presence of a microSD slot. This allows for the ease of movie selection. On the other hand, the users can select for streaming over Airplay or Miracast or even connecting through the available HDMI cable.

The G1 projector is much more than just a projector. It is also capable of handling Powerpoint presentations with a particular Powerpoint tool in case of official meetings. There are amazing onboard speakers that would let you enjoy the music of your choice from this Wi-Fi small G1 projector. The wide array of enhanced connectivity options along with a strong battery backup capacity makes the iCodis G1 projector as the best budget projector that fits your pocket well.

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Best Budget Projector For Small Room

Epson EX7240 Pro Wireless WXGA 3LCD

This is another from the range of best budget projector and also comes with striking wireless features. This projector is perfect for a small room and comes with a 3,200-lumen brightness to offer the right balance of brightness and sound quality. The projector weighs at just 5.5 pounds and is highly portable around the house. The dimensions are as 3.2 inches X 11.7 inches X 9.2 inches. There is also an additional MHL support.

The wireless feature is simply amazing as the projector comes with an on-screen QR code that gets scanned easily by your phone for streaming videos or audio files instantly. The projector also offers amazing color and brightness quality.

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Bring home one of the best range of home projectors. The list of projector above represents the best budget projector as well as the best projectors in different niches. You can choose the best one for your home to enjoy a seamless video as well as audio experience at the comfort of your home!

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