Best Laptops Under $300 Of 2021

The laptop market is indeed facing fierce competition. You will find new and improved versions of laptops being launched almost every day. Due to this growing competition, the prices of

The laptop market is indeed facing fierce competition. You will find new and improved versions of laptops being launched almost every day. Due to this growing competition, the prices of the older versions drop rapidly, as the market has to make way for the newer models.

You can grasp this amazing opportunity to lay hands on the laptops that are really not too old and are available for an amazing price that will fit your pockets. Below are the laptops that fit perfectly in the category of budget laptops.

Are you looking for one of the best laptops under $300 with the basic features? Then you are in the right place. Many of us have very limited requirements from our laptops so it often doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a machine that delivers a lot of firepowers only to sit at a home where it will be used for accessing the internet and watching movies.

These laptops are very helpful for those who need a laptop at home for basic internet surfing and watching videos, students who may not be able to afford high-end laptops or professionals who are on a budget. With laptops becoming increasingly important as well as versatile, we are glad to find out that the industry has no dearth of affordable laptops. Here is our list of best laptops under $300.

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Buying Guide

While selecting the best laptop, many buyers won’t be giving too much consideration for the price of the laptop. Their functional requirements and key specifications take precedence. However, some users don’t spend much time on a laptop. Someone who is satisfied with using the mobile phone for the bulk of their activity and only rarely uses the laptop may not be interested in spending up to $1,000 for a laptop. You can pick up a decent laptop for $300 or under. You can do some primary activities on these laptops. You should know what to expect in terms of the specs and features in the best laptops below $300.

  • Laptop Size: The best laptops under $300 may come in different sizes, from 13-inches to 15-inches. The choice may fall on you to pick the correct size you want.
  • Processor: Many laptops in this price band would be from an earlier generation of hardware. You will, therefore, find more Intel Celeron chips in these laptops or the Intel Core i3 chipsets. It will be a rare piece if you come across the Core i5 processors at this price.
  • RAM: 4GB RAM may be the normal memory capacity to support the processor in these low-priced laptops. For the light applications that you are planning this RAM should be sufficient.
  • Storage: Storage may not be very critical to the laptops you are seeking. If the piece you are getting has 500GB or 256GB even you may feel comfortable with it.
  • Battery: The battery capacity may be average in these laptops. However, they may last longer since you don’t expect to use if for any heavy activity. If you plan to watch videos on the laptop while on the move, then the battery life could become important. Choose accordingly.
  • Connectivity: The standard connectivity options, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and ports for USB drives, should be available. You may find the HDMI port is also provided on these laptops under $300.
  • Weight: Weight becomes a consideration if you plan to carry the machine around frequently. There is really no standard weight; it may vary between 3pounds and 5 pounds.
  • Security: Some minimal antivirus software may come preloaded. You may still have to invest in an effective anti-malware program. You may not also get the fingerprint sensor on these laptops.

Best Laptops Under $300

High-performance budget laptop

Lenovo Ideapad 320

Lenovo Ideapad 320

This one is ideal for your daily chores and it looks stunning. The 15.6” display is HD and also has anti-glare properties. The display (1366×768) has an LED backlight and comes with an Intel HD graphics 500.

The Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core Processor enables robust performance with a speed of 1.10 GHz. The RAM of 4 GB can be expanded up to 8 GB and the laptop comes with an inbuilt storage of 1 TB. The laptop comes installed with Windows 10 and has a sleek design to impress the users.

You will find good connectivity options with this device as it comes with HDMI ports, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Ethernet. In a nutshell, it is a great buy in the budget laptops category.

What makes it the best?

  • The laptop from the house of Lenovo weighs only 4.8 pounds which is a wonderful thing to note.
  • The laptop also scores when it comes to performance; thanks to the strong processor.

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Stylish Laptop with an economical price

Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible

Brace yourself for 360-degree fun as this laptop gives you that and much more. The sleek design is irresistible and it also boasts of dual-torque technology. The laptop is an example of strength and flexibility which is one of the best combinations to find. The device features Intel Celeron N3150 Quad Core processor for strong and hassle-free performance along with 1.6 GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to 2.08 GHz.

The Chromebook has a 10-point multi-touch screen that is 11.6” in size with high brightness and 1366×768 pixel HD resolutions. The device comes pre-installed with Google Chrome operating system. There happens to be 4 GB DDRL onboard memory and 32 GB of internal storage. The two inbuilt speakers offer amazing sound quality. The battery life of the product is good as it can last up to 10 hours. It has good connectivity options such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and HDMI port with HDCP support.

What makes it the best?

  • The long-lasting battery is a big plus point. It is ideal for regular travelers and students.
  • The sleek and vibrant build of the laptop is also its strong suit.

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The lightweight budget laptop

Asus Vivobook E403NA

ASUS VivoBook E403NA-US04

If you happen to be a fan of lightweight laptops, this is the one for you. This weighs only 3.3 pounds and comes with a super sleek design that is 0.7”. The laptop is equipped with Intel HD Graphics 500 along with Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 processor for robust performance. The 14 inch HD display has great clarity and it comes pre-installed with Windows 10.

The battery backup of the laptop is worth considering as the 57WHr Li-ion battery extends battery life of no less than 12 hours at a stretch. The ergonomic chiclet keyboard is also one good point about the device. The device is instilled with 64 GB eMMC flash storage plus 4 GB DDR3 RAM which enables fast booting.

What makes it the best?

  • The dual-core processor extends strong performance which means you can play games and also complete your daily chores without difficulty.
  • The sound and display are clear and HD which makes it ideal for listening to music and watching movies.

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One Of The Best Laptops Under $300 From Dell

Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK

Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK

This one is indeed one of the best options for laptops under $300. The laptop can be addressed as an all-purpose laptop as it will suit people who like to use laptops for both work and leisure. The 15.6-inch display is LED backlit and extends resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The connectivity options on the device are great and it also has an optical drive so that you can burn and read DVDs and CDs.

The Intel Celeron N3050 processor along with 4 GB RAM extends strong performance. The laptop is also equipped with Intel HD Graphics which provides amazing gaming experience. It comes with a battery life of almost 7.5 hours.

What makes it the best?      

  • The fact that it is equally capable of handling work and leisure activities.
  • This is a heat resistant laptop which means it maintains its cool, no matter what.

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Compact design that is budget friendly

Acer Aspire 1

Acer Aspire 1

The compact notebook from the house of Acer is ideal for both students and business people. The device allows them to complete their daily chores with ease. It is equipped with quad-core Intel Celeron N350 processor and 4 GB RAM. The 14-inch display comes with full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

The laptop comes with Windows 10 and has an internal storage of 32GB. The weight of the device is less than 4 pounds which is a great thing to consider. This laptop is one of the best ones on the list of laptops under $300.

What makes it the best?

  • Its strong performance that is hassle-free.
  • The lightweight laptop is useful to one and all.

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Budget laptop with powerful performance

Acer Chromebook 14

Acer Chromebook 14

This one is yet another amazing entry on the list of laptops under $300. The laptop boasts of a beautiful design and offers strong performance to the users. The outer Aluminum body extends a premium feel to the product. The display is full HD and the screen size is 14 inches. The viewing angles are admirable; all thanks to the IPS Panel.

The laptop comes pre-installed with Google Chrome operating system that takes very less booting time. The Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processor and 4 GB of RAM offer great performance. The device comes with 32 GB of inbuilt storage and also 100 GB of storage space on Google Drive.

What makes it the best?

  • The battery life of the laptop is amazing as it can last up to 12 hours.
  • It offers fast performance to the users.

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Water resistant budget laptop

Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02

Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02

Almost everyone faces the issue of spilling drinks on the keypad while working on a laptop. But you do not have to worry anymore as this budget laptop comes with a spill-resistant keyboard. The house of Asus has created a charming laptop that is equipped with powerful Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM.

The laptop also has a water-resistant body and a 13.3-inch display. The full HD display has anti-glare properties which are ideal for people who use laptops for their primary work. The laptop comes pre-installed with Google Chrome operating system. It is a great option for everyday chores and weighs less than 4 pounds.

What makes it the best?                                               

  • The water-resistant body and spill-resistant keypad are indeed strong features to look out for.
  • The lightweight of the laptop makes it a portable option.

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Budget laptop with feather-light body

Asus Vivobook E203NA-YS03

Asus Vivobook E203NA-YS03

This option from the house of Asus comes with a super light body which makes it one of the most sought-after devices in the market. The laptop has a display of 11.6 inches and a full HD display. It is equipped with the advanced Intel Celeron processor for robust performance and comes with 4 GB of RAM.

This laptop is ideal for people who wish to complete their daily chores. Students can consider this a good option as it has a battery life of up to 10 hours. The laptop weighs 2.2 pounds and has 64 GB inbuilt storage.

What makes it the best?      

  • The fact that it has a light body makes it perfect for many sections of users.
  • The battery life is also commendable and attracts users.

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Other models worth buying

Best Laptop Under $300 That is Very Lightweight

Lenovo Ideapad 100 11.6 inch


This 11.6-inch laptop performs very well. It is powered by an Intel Atom processor with 2 GB RAM ensuring that the laptop can process things quickly and give you a smooth experience. The 32 GB eMMC flash memory is also good for an average user. It can be extended with the help of external storage devices. It has a good battery life and the laptop comes with Windows 10 so you do not have to install it separately. Also, if you have portability in mind, then this laptop weighing 2.2 pounds is just right for you.

What makes it the best?

  • Despite having an inexpensive price tag, this device has not compromised in delivering phenomenal performance and attractive design.
  • The easy portability and better battery life makes it more preferable for on-the–go users.

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Best Laptop Under 300 With Great Performance

HP 15-af131dx


Powered by an AMD A6-5200 accelerated processor along with 4GB RAM, this HP laptop does not compromise performance for the money. It works smoothly and users will find it great for light use. It has a 500 GB hard drive which is a decent amount of storage capacity. The 15.6-inch screen offers a better viewing experience when you watch videos on it.

What makes it the best?

  • The high-end processor makes everything enormously fast for the users and so the multitasking will be a breeze without any lags.
  • 500 GB of storage should be considered as a boon at the given price and the users will not find the device getting heated when on their laps. The machine runs cool.

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Best Laptop Under $300 With Enjoyable Screen

Asus Vivobook E200HA


The Vivobook E200HA has a compact design that looks classy and reliable. The laptop has pre-installed Windows 10 and a year of free Microsoft Office subscription. It is powered by an Intel Quad-Core Atom TM processor with 4GB RAM. It gives you a smooth performance without noticing too much lag when working on multiple applications. 32 GB flash memory is also good for light users. Its 11.6-inch screen is vibrant and ensures a good viewing experience too. Overall, this is certainly a laptop worth its price.

What makes it the best?

  • The Tru2Life technology enables the users to experience stunning visuals that bring life to the photos and videos.
  • Asus WebStorage gives plenty of space to accommodate huge piles of files & multimedia content which is of free of cost for 2 years.

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Best Cheap Laptop From Toshiba

Toshiba CB35-BB340


Powered by an Intel Celeron processor N2840 with 4GB RAM and 16 GB SSD, this is a good laptop with decent performance. It has a 13.3-inch screen which is full HD so you get a great viewing experience when watching videos or images. The audio is outstanding and it has a sleek portable design. Overall, this laptop under $300 is great for basic use. One thing that may have you worried is the 16 GB SSD storage which may sound too low.

What makes it the best?

  • For ardent music fans, the astounding audio quality from this device will be a big treat as it has the renowned brand Skull Candy speakers.
  • The connectivity ports and the SSD provides for more than the device’s affordability.

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One Of The Best Cheap Laptops From HP With Excellent Performance

HP Stream 13


The refreshingly vibrant blue color, its classy design, smooth finish and great performance ensure that the Stream 13 makes it to the list of the best laptops under $300. It uses an Intel Celeron N3050 106 GHz Processor along with 2 GB RAM. The laptop comes with Windows 10 and a year’s free subscription to Office 365 which is an added benefit for someone on a budget. The 32GB SSD is decent enough for the average user and it 13.3 inch displays colors pretty decently so you will enjoy using this laptop. It certainly makes itself worth its price tag.

What makes it the best?

  • Built as a fanless design, the user will be free from annoying noise and heating issues.
  • The users will be able to accommodate plenty of photos, videos and documents with the availability of 1TB storage for a year.

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Best Laptop Under 300 Dollars With Enough Storage Space

Lenovo Thinkpad 11e


The 11.6-inch Thinkpad 11e is a great device for professionals who need a laptop for light work. It performs well with its Intel N3150 Quad-Core processor paired with 8GB DDR3 memory. The storage capacity is 128 GB SSD which is more than other laptops listed here. This ensures that you will have enough storage space and good performance without having to overstep your budget. It comes with Windows 10 and the HD screen makes it an enjoyable experience to watch movies or play games on this laptop.

What makes it the best?

  • Being sturdily built, this laptop has been protected with Dragontail Glass to be resilient against accidental drops.
  • The price fits the bill for those who are in the hunt for a decent laptop with a flawless performance on day-to-day tasks like surfing, documenting and mailing.

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Best Cheap Laptop From Samsung With Fast Performance

Samsung Chromebook 3


Samsung has built some great laptops. Chromebook 3 is a good laptop for light users. It has an Intel Celeron N3050 processor with 4 GB RAM and 16GB SSD. The 111.6-inch screen has a decent display. The laptop has been built for durability ensuring that the keyboard is spill-resistant making it good for families with kids. It is user-friendly and has fast performance. Making it a great laptop under 300.

What makes it the best? 

  • Its good build quality and impressive battery life make it a better choice for users who look for an excellently working computer at a minimal price.
  • Given its portability, this laptop will be a perfect device to carry around for students, office goers and frequent travelers.
  • The Anti Reflective display renders finer detailing of images and realistic portrayal of colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a touchscreen in a laptop below $300?

Unlikely. Even in the regular laptop range, the ones with the touchscreen feature are priced higher. You may not be able to find laptops with touchscreen facility in laptops below $300.

Will the seller send me a refurbished laptop instead of a new one because of the price?

Not necessarily. The concept here, as explained right in the beginning, is as new models of laptops are introduced, the prices of the older models drop. If you are lucky, a laptop that was being sold for $500-$600 may now be available for $300 or a little more than that. That does not mean these are refurbished laptops. However, always check while buying if the laptop is new.

Are laptops under $300 good for making video calls, like Zoom meetings, etc.?

Yes, you will have a camera fitted on these laptops and if you have good internet connectivity, nothing stops you from taking part in a Zoom meeting or making a Skype call.

I am a student. Do you recommend the laptop under $300 for my use?

You can use laptops priced below $300 for your regular activities. You wish to browse the internet, check and reply to emails and create normal text documents and worksheets, these laptops can easily handle these. If you wish to play heavy games or work on graphics-heavy stuff, then these laptops will not be the ones for you.

Are laptops better or PCs, I mean desktops?

You can pack more power into a desktop than a laptop, for sure. However, it becomes an individual’s choice and difficult to say one is better than the other. A laptop can be carried with you and therefore it becomes easier to work on it, continue when you are out. The recent work from home arrangement found many companies having to move desktops to their employees’ houses. With laptops, the task would have been much easier.


To sum it up, you can say that there are many good options available when it comes to laptops under $300. These laptops have unique qualities that make them suitable for various kinds of people that have different uses and expectations from the laptops. All the laptops are good in terms of performance and design and the final decision is solely on your preference.

Laptops make life easier and faster for users. The above-mentioned laptops have an added advantage of being economical as well. The laptops that we have listed here are some of the best laptops under $300 that you can get. We have kept performance, durability and battery life in mind while creating this list since these are the things that matter the most. Other considerations like screen size and additional software were also made so that you can get the best for the price. Although these laptops may not be able to compete with high-end models, they certainly offer reliability and good performance for a light user.

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