Best Wallpaper Sites for a Unique Looking Desktop

A wallpaper catches the attention of any person using a computer. While some people prefer simple wallpapers, others wish for something vibrant and unique. Opting for neutral or dark shades rather than bright ones is usually recommended to avoid strain on the eyes.

Check out our list of best wallpaper sites to pick some interesting wallpapers for your computer.

Pixabay – Website with HD and 4K Wallpapers

Pixabay leaves you dumbfounded with over 10 million options for wallpapers, including HD and 4K images. You can check for wallpapers from various categories like food, art, nature, and more, or content captured by renowned photographers worldwide.

Don’t let the multitude of wallpapers in Pixabayoverwhelm or confuse you. You can use the search option to narrow down the list based on keywords, category, image type, or just about anything else. This will help make the shortlisting process easier.

WallpaperStock – Website with Wallpapers of Various Categories

WallpaperStock has more than a million wallpapers across various categories like world, animals, cars, cityscapes, nature, and more. Moreover, you can change the wallpaper according to your preferred design, pattern, and style.

WallpaperStock allows you to narrow down the list of screensavers available in a specific screen resolution to match your screen size. The website can automatically detect the display resolution of your computer, allowing you to open the wallpaper that you have chosen in the appropriate size.

WallpapersWide – Website with Wallpapers of Multiple Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

WallpapersWide has a large number of HD images than you can ever imagine. The wallpapers are classified according to various categories. Each category has multiple images in different resolutions and aspect ratios for you to make the appropriate choice.

Click on the arrow that appears when you hover on an image on the WallpapersWide website for a preview of the same and the various formats in which it can be downloaded. You can also download the wallpaper at your current resolution.

WallpaperSafari – Website with Live Wallpapers

WallpaperSafari has more than 200,000 HD wallpapers in its database that you can use for your computers and mobile phones. The wallpapers are grouped into several categories to make the selection process easy. The website also offers a separate listing of desktop and phone wallpapers users prefer.

A unique aspect of WallpaperSafari is the inclusion of live wallpapers in its existing portfolio from time to time. These wallpapers change according to the season and festival. You can take your pick from this collection to reflect your mood and festive spirit on your computer.

Unsplash – Website with Multiple Filter Options

Unsplash is an online photo-sharing platform where you can access a vast collection of beautiful stock photos taken worldwide. The website has several free and premium photos of high resolution that you can avail for a nominal charge.

You can choose from more than 500 filters in Unsplash for a memorable viewing and selecting experience to select photos in different colors and sizes. Some of these options allow you to add special effects like stars and rainbows to the images of your choice.

Bing – Website with Location and Date Browsing Options

Bing, owned by Microsoft, has new wallpapers added to its existing collection daily. The wallpapers are cumulatively available in a gallery and can be viewed by date and location. The wallpapers listed on this website are free, and you can download them as often as you wish.

However, Bing has a few drawbacks, unlike many other websites that offer equally exciting wallpapers. There is no search function to shortlist wallpapers of a specific type. You cannot download images with specific resolutions and aspect ratios, as all pictures here are of the same size.

DeviantArt – Website with Original and Unique Wallpapers

DeviantArt is a must-visit website if you want some never before seen original wallpapers across many unique categories. If you are looking for multi-display wallpapers, your search ends right here. You can sort the wallpapers based on various parameters like the newest, popularity, and others.

On the flip side, DeviantArt only has one size available for each image, so all photos may not be compatible with your desktop. You can neither narrow your selection criteria for pictures of a specific size nor download a wallpaper without a login.


We have attempted to shortlist some of the best wallpaper sites that give you access to different wallpapers. One main aspect that makes these wallpapers worth trying out is that they are free and are not associated with a trial period. Each site has a horde of wallpapers for you to check out.

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