The Top Best Advantages Of Android Phone

In the mobile world, Android is one of the most-used operating systems. This mobile operating system is popular to the users because of its huge features. Here is some of the Advantages of Android Phone.

List of advantages of android phone



If you possess an android phone, then you have an added advantage of multitasking. This is because it can be used to perform several tasks at the same time. For example, you can browse on the Internet as well as play music on your android phone.

Ease of Notification

Advantages Of Android Phone

Advantages Of Android Phone

Every new activity that takes place within your android phone like messages, email and all the other activities are displayed on your screen in real time as notifications. Your phone will always be alerting thus you will never miss anything that requires your attention on your phone.

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There is an easy accessibility to several android apps, which are found in the play store

This is one of the Advantages of Android Phone that favors those who love playing phone games and those who like downloading different types of phone apps on their devices. This is because they will find the free downloads that are found there in the app market.

They are of different models

Android is an OS that does not restrict other phones producing companies from using it. Due to this, there is a variety of android phones thus the user has to make a decision on which brand he or she should buy. The quality of the android phone has gone so high because of the competition that exists between the android phone producing companies.

A well modified ROM can still be installed

In case you are not in love with the original display of your android phone, you can still change it and have the one that pleases you, and you would love to have. 

Phone options are various

Apart from enjoying the multitasking, ease of notification and other similar benefits, you can be benefitted from many other aspects if you posses an android Smartphone. There are plenty of options to choose from where iOS, windows phones are limited to only some few manufacturers. For example, iOS is available only from Apple whereas android has thousands of manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericson etc. All these manufacturers have their own styles again that are unique for example Motorola present the phone with Motoblur, Sony Ericson with Timescape etc. So, you can go with any brand to opt an attractive android Smartphone.

Bigger screen

Yes, the screen of android Smartphone is comparatively bigger than iPhone while you need to pay less money. So, if you are wishing to own a bigger screen phone with your little savings, this is the one to go for.

Google Maniac

If you are a Google maniac, android Smartphone is probably best suited for you. The reason is this operating system is integrated with Google product and services that let the user synchronize their Google account in the device so as to easy access most of the Google services like Gmail, Google maps, Google reader, Google docs. Etc.


Android operating system offers ample widget on the home screen through which you can have access to the settings much quickly and easily. So, this is another added advantage of having android Smartphone over other phones.

Cost effective

Users who are bored of using the base level phone and want to experience something more at a very affordable price range, android Smartphone is always the best option to go for when compared with Apple, Blackberry or similar Smartphone. Android Smartphone are available in all ranges that will not hit your bank account deeper way while you can still get a well designed device loaded with lots of applications.

With these Advantages of Android Phone, you do not need to buy another phone apart from android.