Alternative Youtube Apps Worth to Try

YouTube is a popular streaming service used by millions of people. We are all used to watch a wide range of videos, and to listen to the music, even on our iPhones. YouTube was one of already installed apps on the iPhone, and then Apple decided to remove it. Google, as the YouTube service owner thought that they have to make the app for iOS, to replace the previous one, which was made by Apple. Now, YouTube app, created by Google can be downloaded at the App Store.

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alternative youtube apps worth to try

Of course, YouTube app made by Google, won’t always work perfectly, and not every iPhone user will actually like the app. The good thing is that we always have an alternative. There are other apps that you can try, which offer unique features and abilities. In this article, I will share with you the top 4 alternative apps.

Top 4 Alternative Youtube apps worth to try:

1. Protube

It’s a client Youtube service that has free ads feature on your videos, and you can also choose playback quality. Another interesting thing is that we can choose mode audio playback only, and this is something not yet available on the YouTube. Protube will continue to play your video even though you are opening another application on your iPhone in the Lock screen mode. Protube can even play a video which is blocked for mobile version.

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2. Vodio

Actually, Vodio is a video organizer which has been filtered to popular services including Youtube and classifies them based on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Vodio will give the proper video for you. This application has been an Apple app of the week.


3. Video Tube Free

Video Tube encloses a new iOS 8 feature, Widget, so that you can quickly find a video suggestion from your notification center with a good user interface and content orientation. This application has abilities as well as YouTube, where you can login by using your Google account, liking, give a comment and managing playlists.

4. Youplayer

Youplayer is another YouTube alternative application which has an iOS native application flavor with a tab system, and it looks like the app that was made by Apple.

These are some of the best YouTube alternative apps, so make sure to check try them out, because I am sure you’ll like them!