Best gift giving apps for iOS

In our current technologically advanced world, we can use our small hand-held devices for almost everything. From catching up with your family to shopping for groceries, it can all be done with a few touches. However, there is still one aspect that puzzles many of us: Gift giving. We can still be unsure of what to get others for different occasions. A question that we may ask could be: is it enough to just get someone a box of chocolates for Christmas?

In this article, we have curated a list of apps to smoothen out the bumps in your gift buying journey. These are best gift giving apps for iOS.

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Best gift giving apps for iOS


When you have doubts, use Amazon! Amazon is an app filled with a wide range of products, including electronics, consumable items, and beauty products. No matter what you are looking for, you will find something that you can gift. Amazon also has a gift search feature that narrows our search. We can filter through the products by selecting the appropriate age group and gender, Amazon will recommend products that are suitable to be gifted. Lastly, the app has different languages that you can browse in. This tailors to those who are not as proficient in English.

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Giftagram: Gifting Made Easy

Unlike most apps, Giftagram does not require the sender to track down the address of the recipient. Giftagram works by syncing up with your contact list to send gifts to them. Select the recipient for the gift, and the app will coordinate with them to get the gift sent. By adding dates of special occasions to your phone, the app will also send you reminders so that you will never forget to prepare a gift ahead of time. Lastly, Giftagram also has premade bundles and packages that are specialized for corporate gifting. This is handy when you are working together with another business.

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Artifact Uprising

Occasionally, we may want to gift something more personal, yet cannot decide what may be appreciated more by the recipient. Artifact Uprising has just the solution for you. Choose pictures from the best moments you have captured on your smartphone or Instagram and they can bring these into your life. You get to choose and customize how you would like to present these images, be it within a photo frame or in a hardcover photobook. A more unique aspect is that you can use the images to create a calendar full of your memories too!

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Soothe: In Home massage

Maybe your friend or loved one has always told you that they just want to relax, however, it is not within your abilities to buy a ticket to a fancy resort for them. This app brings part of the experience to their home. From the app, users can connect with and hire massage therapists within the residence area. It is guaranteed that the therapists are certified and highly-skilled. The best part about this is that you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home. To some, this may be the best gift yet.

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Minibar delivery

This app serves as a great gift-giving service for many adults. Most people have their favorite bottle of champagne or wine that they enjoy. This app has a wide range of alcohol that you can choose from and deliver to yourself or others. Booking delivery can range from 14 days in advance to just 40 minutes before. From reviews, customers have reviewed that the customer service provided by the platform is stellar and most problems are solved immediately. Hence, you can safely deliver the gift to the recipient so that they can pop open a bottle and enjoy it.

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