Best life hacking apps for iOS

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A life-hack is any shortcut that lessens the difficulty of performing a routine task in your day-to-day life. Over time, people figured out ways to make these tasks less strenuous and today, we have apps for most of these chores and activities. Too tired to go to the grocery store? Order your groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep. At the very least, this saves you both fuel and energy.

Plenty of effective life-hacking apps for iOS can easily be found on the App Store. It’s a beautiful time to be alive, isn’t it?

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Best life hacking apps for iOS

Our Groceries

The main feature on this app is that of a grocery shopping list which you can edit depending on your needs with each visit to the grocery store. To create multiple shopping lists, just click on the ‘Add a shopping list…’ icon.

Another smart feature on this app is that of a ‘Recipes’ list. You can create a recipe and list down all the ingredients required for that recipe.

Lastly, under the ‘Sign in’ icon, you can share your shopping lists with your household members in a few simple steps. First, sign in to the app with one email and a password. That way, any member of the family can add and delete items on the shopping list. With this feature, everyone in the house will have access to the same grocery list and avoid problems like double purchases and forgetting items on the list.

Download Our Groceries

Open Table

Traveling is a beloved hobby for many. And when you travel to new places, you don’t want to stand out too much by looking as confused as you feel. With this app, wherever you are, you can find a restaurant to your liking near you.

Let’s say, you’ve arrived in Nairobi from Windhoek and you want to experience the dining scene of the foreign city. Just log onto the app and you will see open restaurants near you.

You can also make reservations through the app by tapping on the restaurant and choosing a time. Still, on the app, you will find the ratings so that you don’t find yourself dining in ‘hell’, as well as a brief description of the restaurant.

Download Open Table


We would be remiss to talk about life hacks and not mention Uber. This is the universal life-saver that helps you get from place to place at a standardized fee no matter which corner of the earth you are in and which language you speak.

With Uber, you simply type in your destination in the ‘Where to?’ box and click on the ‘Confirm’ button. It then goes on to find the next available taxi within your immediate radius while giving a time estimate of when the taxi will get to you.

Uber works because you don’t have to know anyone to get a taxi, especially if you’re somewhere new, and it saves on time and money.

Download Uber


Instead of signing up, there’s the option of signing in through Facebook or Gmail. Once in, you create your profile and this is how your friends on Strava will find you. If you have no clue on where to start with a running path, you can sync your contacts to get an idea on the paths that your friends use for their workouts.

Start by connecting your device to the app. Among the sports that can be used on this app are running, riding, walking, canoeing and swimming.

If you choose running, for example, press on the START button as soon as you start running to enable it to calculate your pace and running distance as well as chart your performance over time, keeping you active, fit and healthy.

Download Strava


This last life-hack applies to our dating lives. It’s not rock solid, but then again, what is in this department? If the outdoors is not for you (by outdoors, that means clubbing, camping, church retreats and any other group activities that involve you going outside and meeting new people), then online dating could be a solution for you.

Treacherous as the prospect of online dating might sound, the fact is that it has worked for others. And like most things in life, it’s a gamble. The only way to rule it out is to try it first.

So, once you’ve signed up, upload a few of your best photos, reply to messages and before you know it, you will have a few dates signed up. You can sieve out those that don’t meet your criteria, saving time.

Finally, remember to practice safety and meet these strangers in public places and always let someone know where you are.

Download Tinder

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