8 Best Free Running Apps For Android

Are you on a fitness regime? Amongst all the available methods to stay fit, running is something many people love.

You can enjoy your running by keeping a check on the critical parameters through your smartphone. From tracking your running score to making it a fun-filled running trip for yourself, there are some fantastic apps you can use. Here, we have compiled a list of the best free running apps for Android.

List of Best Free Running Apps for Android


best free running apps for Android

This is one of the best running apps for your Android smartphone. It sports a bundle of exciting features that aid your running regime.

With this high-end running app, you can find the ease of GPS tracking, caloric output, activity history, speed, and distance monitoring. This free Android app can be used for running or other active sports like swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc.

Once your activity is complete, all the relevant data associated with your session will be synced automatically to your account on Runkeeper.com. This keeps track of your vital health stats.

Download RunKeeper

Map My Run

best free running apps for Android

This free running app for Android helps you focus on your run reliably. It allows the tracking and planning of the running routes with the help of its GPS-enabled features.

In addition to this, more features make this app unique. For example, a gear tracker keeps track of accessories and factors related to running, like your running shoes, such that you are aware when it is time to replace the old ones.

The app also comes with some added fitness features and nutritional data. Though the app is available for free download, you can also go for the MVP (pro version of the app). Here you can find additional features like live tracking, heart rate analysis, and training plans.

Download Map My Run


best free running apps for Android

With an overall 4.5 star rating on Google Play Store, this app is considered one of the best Free Running Apps For Android. In addition to its high ratings, the app also boasts several valuable features for its users.

There are unique features like support for Android Wear (a smart wearable), GPS maps, support for various Bluetooth fitness devices, advanced stats about the overall health & fitness, and even fitness tracking.

The app also features a live cheering capability that lets your friends and close ones cheer for you as you pace up with your running stats. This helps you keep motivated to run more and stay healthy.

Download Runtasti

miCoach by Adidas

best free running apps for Android

This is another excellent fitness running app for your Android device. miCoach by Adidas helps you keep your running and workout sessions amazing every time. It offers a custom plan if you plan to run a marathon and prepares your body for the same.

Upon free registration, users can choose between the options of customized strength, flexibility, and cardio programs. Additionally, the high-tech miCoach app uses a real-time voice coach feature that can be plugged into your ears while running.

You can even track your fitness and listen to coaching feedback after every run. The cool part is that the app offers free male and female coach voices and those of the leading athletes like Reggie Bush and Derrick Rose.

Download miCoach by Adidas

Google Fit

best free running apps for Android

If you do not trust any other brand regarding efficient apps for your Android device, then this free running app by Google is the perfect choice for you.

This is the best fitness app by Google and offers support for all Android devices. This app also provides one of the most stable experiences with Android Wear to expedite your fitness regime.

Through this app, you will come across features like graphs for tracking your fitness level, an individual step counter, and a separate calorie counter to reveal the number of calories burned.

Download Google Fit


best free running apps for Android

Another free running app in the series to level up your fitness routine. Strava offers basic fitness features like GPS tracking, fitness plans, activity tracking, fitness planning, and even providing support to intelligent wearable devices.

In addition to these features, users also get some fun features like social sharing of their fitness stats, competition through leaderboards, image sharing, and more.

The app offers support for several Bluetooth-supported fitness devices & accessories. When you use the web version of this app, you will get some additional exciting features.

Download Strava

Personal Running Trainer

best free running apps for Android

If you start your running program as a beginner or an expert, the vast array of features and programs from Personal Running Trainer will help you shape yourself fast and effectively.

With this app, you need to choose your running distance, like 1 mile, 10k, half-marathon, or even full marathon. The app will provide professional coaching instructions specifically voiced over the music you will be playing while running.

The expert coaching instructions advise you strategically about when you should run, when you should change your pace, and also when to take a rest. Even if you do not have any prior experience running a marathon yourself, you can try it with this advanced app as your coaching instructor.

Download Personal Running Trainer

Nike+ Running

best free running apps for Android

This is another fantastic free running app for your Android device. It has several standard features like tracking your fitness and essential elements for keeping you motivated throughout your run.

Several informative programs, routines, and even training videos guide you properly. The interface of this running app is simple. However, the app features highly user-friendly factors to aid beginners and expert runners.

The app also features a competitive aspect for challenging your friends and close ones for fun running sessions.

Download Nike+ Running

If you have a thing for running, add some spice and fun to it by using these best free running apps for Android. Let these running apps guide you as a professional coach through your running session.

Running can be much more fun and professional with these high-tech apps on your Android device. Let these free running apps help you run the right way!

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